6 Gifting Crimes

Not all gifts are kind, not all are useful. No matter given with whatever amount of love, some end up being hopeless. Have you been the culprit or victim of one of the below gifting crimes?

  1. How do I get inside this?

Not every dress is ‘One Size fits all’.  Many a times a good deal of money is gone down the drain due to fitting issues.

  1. Same Pinch!

You are rare, you are special. If you also prefer designer clothes, a copy around might be very disappointing!

  1. Where to keep this?

An odd furniture or a mismatched crockery set might just ruin any day! Should you really take the chance of gifting one such thing?

  1. Not my style..arghhhh.

If you don’t notice her style, you are at loss. And your gift is a waste!

  1. I see that small stain there, right there!

You might have spent a fortune on your gift but how embarrassing when you got to prove it, everything because of that small stain!

  1. I hate this!

Your reaction when you get something that you really hate and absolutely don’t need.