The Best Wedding Gifts That Every Couple Wants

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to celebrate the union of two people. Two people come together, say their vows, and look forward to spending a long, blissful life together. A wedding gift is supposed to add to this joy and newly-wedded bliss. The perfect gift completes the wedding, but not many people think on those terms. Why gift something that the couple may not want or like, when you can buy a gift card for just about anything these days?

There’s a Gift Card for Everything

A newly wedded couple will have many needs of the moment. They’ll be setting up their home, furnishing it from scratch. They might also be planning to arrangeperfect wedding gift a romantic trip together. They might want to explore culinary experiences at top-class restaurants. That’s why gift cards or gift vouchers are absolutely priceless. Choose the perfect gift card that’ll enable the wedded couple to satisfy one of their many needs!

Gift the Home Furnishing options

Consider getting them a gift card from Home Centre, Lifestyle, or Big Bazaar. With a plethora of options from home electronics, to electrical items, to furniture and kitchen items, any newly married couple will be delighted with such a card. After all, whether they’re moving into their parents’ home or setting upon their own, they’ll need to refurnish and redecorate. Your gift card option will be absolutely right.

Gift them Joint Experiences

A Movie:

Depending on your budget, think in terms of a romantic movie experience for the couple. Wouldn’t they love that? A BookMyShow gift card or PVR gift card would be the perfect wedding gift. The couple can choose when to go and which movie to watch. That’s true gifting for you, isn’t it?

Dining: Then again, there are so many first-class restaurants offering great dining experiences.romantic dining experience Why not offer a gift card from one of these, such as Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Spaghetti Kitchen and many more? Again, the couple can enjoy your gift whenever they want, and choose to save the card for a special occasion.

A Romantic Trip: Couples love taking trips together; trips are a great way for them to get closer and learn more about each other. A Cleartrip gift card or MakeMyTrip gift card would be just perfect. The couple can use your card to buy the entire package, including hotel stay, tours, flights and transfers. Perfect!

Check out the offers on Cleartrip e-gift card.

Luxury Items: Does the bride love jewelry? Does the bridegroom have a liking for the latest mobile phones or luxury watches? There’s an endless range of options in this area. Think of Titan, Helios and more gift cards from for him. Think of Tanishq e-gift card, Hidesign gift card, and many others for her. Here’s your chance to open the doors to luxury gifts, right from designer fashion to expensive jewelry.

Special Packaging Options for Wedding Gift Cards

wedding gift packaging

For physical gift cards, we have got an exciting range of packaging designs to make your wedding gift that much more special. Or, if you’d like to send an instant wedding e-gift, there are colorful e-gift card themes and templates to add your love and feeling to the e-gift card.

Special Woohoo Wedding E-Gift Cards

woohoo wedding gift card

wedding gift card

special wedding gift cards

gift card for wedding


Planning your wedding? Here’s how you can receive wedding gifts that you will actually like and use.

Wedding gifts come in all sizes and packages. But most of the times, they end up being the same. Mixer grinders, pressure cookers, cutlery sets – you know the list! And when you get them in aplenty you have no choice but to give them away or recycle them as gifts for another wedding. Because of this, many couples these days prefer gift cards over traditional gift items.

Here are a few reasons why couples prefer gift cards as wedding gifts:

“We get to select exactly what we want.”

wedding gift card

With gift cards you can shop for products and services of your own choice – be it appliances for your new home, furnishings or home décor pieces that suit your individual tastes, cutlery sets as per your own needs and liking, or even go on already-paid dinner dates or trips with restaurant, hotel and travel gift cards. Spa therapies post all the frenetic wedding activities is another favourite with couples who receive gift cards.

“They are very convenient to use.”

wedding gift card

Gift cards are simple to use, both online and at stores. With gift cards from brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra you can shopping online on these platforms (or on their respective apps). All you need to do is key in the gift card number and pin to make the payment online. At stores, such as Shoppers Stop, Marks & Spencer, Lifestyle and the like you share the gift card number and pin with the cashier at the billing counter, instead of making your payment via cash or your credit / debit cards.

“Conveys the thought behind the gift.”

Woohoo gift card

There is a certain sense of warmth and personal touch in gift cards. The packaging gives you the feeling of a gift, at the same time conveying the thought that went behind it. Individual tastes and needs differ. By gifting a gift card the gift giver acknowledges this fact and conveys the intention of wanting to cater to the tastes and needs of the couple.

“The gift itself becomes an experience.”

Woohoo gift card

Every time you use a gift card is in itself an experience, creating memories that you will cherish. Going on shopping sprees, trips or dinner dates weeks or months after the wedding – all of these as gifts from your friends and family – are sure to be treasured and remembered much more than mere products or items. Isn’t that what gifts are meant to do?

“We can use them at leisure, once we’ve settled in after the wedding.”

woohoo gift card

The validity of gift cards usually range from 6 to 12 months. This gives you ample amount of time to use them at leisure, after having settled in post the wedding celebrations.

“With some gift cards we could even choose the brands we prefer.”

The only disadvantage of a brand specific gift card is that you can only use it to pick products from that specific brand. The Woohoo gift card, however, solves this problem. You can use a Woohoo gift card to select gift cards from different brands as per your own choice (most of the top apparel, electronics, home decor / furnishing, salon / spa, restaurant and hotel brands such as Myntra, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Amazon, Flipkart, Lakme etc are available on Woohoo). For instance, if you prefer shopping online you could go for brands like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. If you enjoy visiting stores to pick appliances or other products you could use your Woohoo gift card to get Croma gift cards. If you would like to take a break and go on a trip, you could use it to get MakeMyTrip or Cleartrip gift cards. Gift cards from The Oberoi group or hotels and salons like Lakme can also be got with a Woohoo gift card.

Group Gifting (coming soon)

In case your friends are pooling in for your wedding gift, you could suggest a Woohoo gift card. More advance group gifting features are coming shortly on Woohoo. The feature will make it simpler for groups of people to pool in their share directly for the gift.

If you’re wondering how to let your guests know your preference for gift cards, maybe you could make it known to them by adding gift cards to your wedding registry. Or if you’d like to get some inspiration on how a few couples went about it, here are a few samples.

wedding gift card

wedding gift card

wedding gift card