Why Do Gift Cards Make The Best Office Gifts?

office gift cards indiaIt’s my co-worker Usha’s birthday next week and I am wondering what to gift her. Need to think of something really good – something I haven’t already gifted! Of course, it’s not just Usha, but other people’s birthdays are coming up too! I wonder when I’ll get the time to go shopping for all the gifts. I also wonder if my friends will like what I buy! So much confusion, really, and I do get stressed over it.

Convenience, anyone?

I read an article about gifting gift cards and gift vouchers instead of shopping for gifts. Neat idea! What really appeals to me is that I can sit at my desk and order gift cards to be delivered to my colleagues. I mean, I don’t even have to take my car out! Why on earth didn’t I think of this before?

Now I’ve Started Thinking, I am Not Able To Stop

Here’s the thing – last year I bought Usha an expensive leather pen holder, and Suresh a desk calendar. Suresh has been little cool after that coz he’s jealous and feels neglected. Now I think about it – a gift card would have sorted matters out neatly! Usha loves fashion accessories, so I’ll get her a Fastrack gift card, and since Suresh is crazy about books, I’ll get him a Landmark gift card. Same value, though. No more jealousies!

An End To All Misinterpretations

There’s always a bit of speculation that goes with office gifts. I mean, I am always careful about gifting generic items. Anything personal in nature will be noticed and gossiped about. A gift card tackles this problem neatly, don’t you think? You’re just buying the gift card, but the actual shopping is done by the recipient! No room for misunderstandings anymore.

By Nita – Bangalore


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