Last-Minute Gift Ideas that Don’t Look Last-Minute!

We’ve all been there, and done that; the last-minute hassles of gift-buying, the rush, the resultant mistakes and guilt when we compromise on the gift’s qualitylast minute gift or utility. Everyone forgets special occasions and birthdays at times. However, that last minute rush when we’re stressed for time and the guilt we feel when we forget makes us pick up any instant gift that’ll fit the bill. Then we end up facing awful traffic (just on that day), not to speak of parking issues, and a line at the store on top of it.

If everything goes well, there’s always the chance that we end up picking something that’s not appropriate for the occasion. Like we said, we’ve all been there and done that. The thing now is, is there a way to purchase a last-minute gift that doesn’t look last-minute – the gift that looks very planned, professional and is perfect in every way. Yes, there is. Read on!

E-Gift Card – A Cool Solution To The Last-Minute Gifting Dilemma

An e-gift card can solve your last-minute gift dilemma easily. Through an e-gift card, you’re offering your gift recipient a choice of gifts, plus the joy of shopping for what your recipient wants. By gifting an e-gift card, you’ll be eliminating any chance of the gift being ‘wrong’.

anniversary last minute gift

You can choose colorful themes and animated templates and insert loving messages to make your e-gift card look less last-minute as well. It takes just a few minutes of your time – browsing the brands, picking up the card and deciding on the packaging. So you’ll have plenty of time to explore some last minute gift ideas and choose a brand which your recipient will appreciate.

Plus, you can put in as much funds as you want into the e-gift card – you are not limited by a gift’s pricing in this regard. Your e-gift card will be delivered within a few seconds of your purchase, making your loved one’s day complete. They’ll know that you didn’t forget their special day, and what’s more, they’ll think you bought the e-gift card ahead of time, when they look at the message and the colorful template!

A Few Top-Brand E Gift Cards For You

It helps to know your gift recipient’s likes and dislikes when you’re choosing an e-gift card. However, even if you know very little about what they like, consider the occasion and the expectation and then decide on the brand. If you’re still not sure, opt for the following brands:

1. Lifestyle E-Gift Cards

lifestyle e gift card

Lifestyle is a Hypermarket which houses hundreds of brands under a single roof – fashion, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, furniture, kitchen needs, home décor and more. Be it a birthday or a wedding anniversary, a Lifestyle e-gift card is the perfect gift choice.

2. Shoppers Stop E-Gift Cards

Shoppers Stop E-Gift Card

Shoppers Stop is the perfect one-stop-shop for every imaginable luxury item a person might desire. Shoppers Stop hosts multiple lifestyle brands in beauty, fashion, accessories, home products, health, fragrances and many other categories. Purchase a Shoppers Stop e-gift card as a last-minute gift for any gifting occasion.

3. Amazon E-Gift Cardsamazon e gift card

An Amazon e gift card lets your recipient choose the gift of his choice from 1000+ categories such as Mobiles, Watches, Electronics, Household Needs, Watches, shoes, Apparels, Lifestyle, Shoes and many others from the top brands.

4. Croma E-Gift Cards

croma e gift card

Croma stocks the latest electronics and electricals. This is where you head to if you want to buy the latest digital gifts or the latest washing machine. Croma e-gift voucher can be a perfect last minute gifting option for your loved ones to choose from categories such as Phones, Camera, Computers, Entertainment, Home Appliance, Kitchen Appliance, Gaming and Accessories.

5. Big Bazaar E-Gift Cards

big bazaar e gift voucher

Big Bazaar is one of India’s oldest and most successful hypermarket chains. Every gifting occasion is perfect for a Big Bazaar e-gift voucher. Whether it’s a birthday, a housewarming, an anniversary or even a religious function, a day out shopping at Big Bazaar with a gift voucher will be an absolute treat.

6. Woohoo E-Gift Cards

Woohoo e gift card

If you’re not sure about the brand, then opt for a Woohoo e-gift card. Woohoo is a smart mega choice gift card brand with which your gift recipient can purchase an e-gift card or gift card from any other brand on


How To Beat Last Minute Gifting Stress?

Yes, we know the score. We’ve been there. In fact, we’ve all been there. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to remember to wish your family and friends on every special occasion, in a timely manner. Sometimes we forget to buy gifts for our loved ones’ special days till it’s too late. Then we end up making an appearance without a gift in hand, offering apologies no one really wants to hear. How about if we tell you that you will never have to face this situation again in your life? Would you believe us? Please do. Here’s why.

Welcome To The World Of E-gift Cards

An e-gift card is a gift card that’s delivered electronically. They’re the quickest way to gift someone you love something truly special, without making any compromises. So many top brands are offering e-gift cards these days, including American Swan, Allen Solly, Helios, Hidesign, Himalaya and many, many more. Surprised? Don’t be. Product and service companies are fast catching up to people’s gifting needs. So now you can sit back in your chair, stretch your legs, browse over 50 top national and international brands and order your e-gift card. As simple as that!

What Happens After You Order An E-gift Card

Once you place your e-gift card order, your gift recipient will receive an email containing your e-gift card details. He or she will receive the e-gift card number, gift amount, e-gift card expiry date and other relevant information in the email. Now all that your gift recipient needs to do is to take a printout of the e-gift card, and head out to the gift brand’s nearest outlet. The great news is that most of our gift brands have outlets in several cities across India as well. Several brands allow multiple shopping trips on a single e-gift card number. This means that your recipient doesn’t have to use up the whole amount in one go.

It Gets Even Better, People!
Many brands have online stores as well, which accept e-gift cards. If the brand you’ve chosen has an online store, your recipient can shop online within seconds of receiving the e-gift card. Isn’t that cool? So let’s see how many brands have online stores. There’s Himalaya for one, then BasicsLife, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, YepMe, Elle, and Fastrack – ok, we really cannot list them all! There are quite a few. So get on board and purchase an e-gift card for your loved one today. There are birthdays to think of, and festivals, and special occasions and events – start e-gifting and sit back, totally stress free.