Meeting Your Friend After Ages? Make Her Happy With Cool Gifts!

You’re meeting your friend after a long time! How exciting! You probably have tons of news to share with her – everything you’ve seen, experienced and done since you last met her. There’s just not enough time to tell her everything, is there? But in the excitement to share everything, buy also a special gift for your friend to celebrate the meeting.

What Do You Think She’ll Like?: Well, she’s your friend, spend some time pondering on what kind of gift would really blow her mind and make her eyes sparkle. Would a beautiful piece of exclusive jewelry do it? In that case, don’t waste time; log on to .com now and pick up a gift voucher from Gitanjali, Tanishq or D’dmas. You haven’t seen your friend in a long time and you may not know her present taste in pendants and earrings. A gift voucher offers the perfect solution. You gift her a gift voucher from a jewelry brand she loves, and she selects her gift of her choice.

Gift Her A Shopping Trip!: All women love to shop, and there are very few exceptions to this fact. But how do you gift a shopping trip? Simple. You buy a gift voucher from Big Bazaar, Shoppers’ Stop, Lifestyle, Central, Maya Lifestyle and so on. These are actually huge shopping malls where you and your friend can spend many blissful hours shopping. Walking up and down aisles, checking out fantastic products—isn’t that what a fantastic shopping trip is all about?


Meeting Your Friend After Ages? Make Him Happy With These Cool Gifts!

What a joy it is to meet a friend you haven’t seen in ages! A walk down the memory lane— reminiscing on school, college or career days can be fascinating! How about making it more fun and memorable by gifting your friend something cool? A gift lets your friend know that you value him and miss him.

A Shared Experience Makes For A Great Gift: If you are aware that you’ll be meeting a long-lost friend after a long time, you could buy a gift voucher for a great movie, dining or travel experience in advance. Log on to Woohoo.in and pick up a gift voucher or card from one of the brands that offer great experiences. For example, you can buy a PVR Cinemas gift card for a great movie experience or an Mainland China restaurant gift voucher for a fine dining experience. Travel Tours and MakeMyTrip.com gift cards are great for a wonderful shared travel experience.

A Cool Collectible Gift Item Says ‘Remember Me’: Alternatively, you can gift your friend a gift card from Fastrack, Helios or Watches & More. Your friend can select fabulous eye wear and accessories from Fastrack and some great watches from Helios and Watches & More. Join your friend for a happy shopping trip if you like and help him select the best collectible status symbol in watches, eyewear or accessories. Take pictures of your friend wearing his purchases and upload them online for more fun.


Gifts for your Wife on Her Bday

Romance doesn’t end with marriage. And make sure your wife feel that. After all, she’s the love of your life, the woman you decided to spend the rest of your life with. What better occasion to remind her of your love than her birthday! If you are confused about gifting ideas, here are a few that will make her swoon:

Jewelry: There’s a whole range of contemporary jewelry out there for today’s woman. See her eyes sparkle when you hand her a gift voucher from Tanishq, Asmi or Gitanjali.

Watches and Accessories:  Wearing watches that stand-out is a trend that’s here to stay. Titan, Helios or Watches & More gift cards will let her pick up a good watch of her choice.

Apparel:  Lay the common refrain of ‘but I have nothing to wear…’ to rest! Gift her gift vouchers from Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, Central or Westside so that she can shop for her heart’s content on the latest in women’s fashion.

Hand Bags: Women always like classy handbags. If you are unsure about the colour and material, a Hidesign gift cards will solve your uncertainty, as she can shop for herself from their extensive range!

A Day at the Spa: Surprise her with a day of pampering the way she loves it the best! Gift her a spa treatment and then take her out for a dinner! For people in Bangalore and Pune, a gift card from YLG Salon & Spa is a great option as they offer a great range of beauty and spa services.


Gifts for your Husband on His Bday

He’s the man in your life and the one you committed your love to. In the midst of our chaotic existence, it’s easy to forget the most important people who stand as a pillar supporting your life. On your husband’s birthday, express your love for him by getting him a gift he will truly appreciate! Given below are a few cool gifting ideas.

Apparel: If you have always managed to buy shirts that are a few centimetres too long on the sleeve, you can stop worrying now. Simply buy him gift cards fromLouis Philippe, Van Heusen or Allen Solly, so that he can try out and buy the shirts and trousers that fit him best.

Watches and Accessories: A great watch speaks volumes about a person, and men always like great watches that project a touch of class. Gift cards from Titan,Helios or Watches & More are ideal to let him pick his choice from a fabulous collection.

Gadgets and Gizmos:  If your man is greatly into online shopping, let him choose from the latest gizmos in market, without moving from his seat! Flipkart.com and Letsbuy.com gift cards will get him mobile phones, cameras and much more at the best rates in town.

A Bottle of Wine: Spend a romantic evening with your hubby-dearest in the privacy of your home. First, gift him his favourite bottle of wine. Then cook a great dinner and enjoy the food and wine with soft music! People in Bangalore can gift their spouse, a gift card from Madhuloka, so that he can pick his choice of wine or malt.

Sporty Surprises: Has your husband been careless about his health off late. Get him gift cards from Puma, Lotto or Nike, to nudge him for walks, gym and workouts.



Gifts for Recitals & Performances

Recitals and Performances of your child or a loved one are a proud moment indeed. Often there are weeks, if not months, of rigour and practice; before the much anticipated performance on stage. Parents are often overjoyed to see the confidence of young ones, and you can commemorate the day by giving a small gift as a gesture of appreciation for all the hard work. Here are a few gifting ideas.

Music / Video CDs/Games: Since young kids like music, movies and games; gift cards from Landmark or Starmark would surely be met with smiles.

Fashion Accessories for girls: Bags and costume jewelry are ideal for girls who are fond of dressing up. Accessorize or Yebhi.com gift cards will leave them spoilt for choice.

A Dinner Out: For teens or college-goers, get gift vouchers  from their favourite restaurant, to be enjoyed with close friends. BJN Group, Mainland China or Kyra gift vouchers or cards are ideal in this regard.

Movie Tickets: Let your star performer and his close buddy have a blast and watch the latest movie on the weekend. A PVR Cinemas gift card is all that they will need to have a fun time.

Books/Gadgets/Toys: For the young performer, nothing can be more thrilling than receiving a favourite book series, or the latest cool toy. Landmark orStarmark gift cards are good to give, if you are unsure about their preferences or would simply like to give them the freedom to choose.


Summer Vacation gifts for my daughter

Today, school and college education has become much more tougher and competitive than ever before. It requires a great deal of hard work, dedication and commitment to excel. But once the academic year is over, summer vacation is all about getting some much deserved rest and relaxation! Reward your daughter who has worked so hard with a gift voucher  to show her that you appreciate her efforts! Here are some ideas for you to choose from.

Sports Gear: Many kids do not have time for extra sports activities during the school year. However a summer sports camp is a great way to get some exercise and entertainment. She might want to update the sports gear she has and a Puma or Nike gift card would be perfect for that.

Eyewear: Has she been stuck with her old spectacles or sunglasses for a while now? Gift her an updated new look with a gift card from Titan Eye+ or Fastrack.

Music & Books: No matter how old she is, she can never have enough books or music to enjoy. Get her a gift card from Landmark, Starmark or Flipkart.com to indulge in her current favourites.

Movies: What is summer without catching up on some movies! Get her a gift card from PVR Cinemas for a great fun time with friends.

Mall card: Not sure what exactly will ‘wow’ your daughter? No problem!  Get her a gift card from Central, Lifestyle or Shopper’s Stop for a wide choice of goodies to choose from!


Summer Vacation gifts for my Son

Many of our childhood happy memories are about the summer holidays. Lazing around with nothing to do, eating and sleeping and gorging on the fruits of the season, catching up with cousins and friends; summer time is a happy time. Make these happy times more memorable for your son by giving him a gift for the season. Gifts for summer vacation have only one theme – Fun! Here are a few ideas for your son to have a rocking summer vacation!

Books: Summer is a great time to catch up on all the books that you don’t have time to read during the school year. Be it the Harry Potter series or classics like Treasure Island, a gift card from Landmark or Flipkart.com would be perfect for a summer reading catch up!

Movies: No homework means summertime is awesome for catching up on movies! Get your son a gift card from PVR cinemas so that he can catch up on his favourite movies with his close buddy!

Casual clothes: Summer is all about exciting colours and light garment materials. Get your son a gift card from Planet Fashion or Puma to spruce up his wardrobe for the summer. And let him choose the apparel and pay for it himself using the gift card. Boys like being independence, and see his chest swell in pride after the shopping.

Eating out!: Nearly every boy in the world likes pastries and iced beverages. Gift him a Cafe Coffee Day gift card, so that he can treat himself and friends for a great time.


Gifts for your Niece on Her Bday

She’s the apple of everyone’s eye, but you are the one she turns to when her Mum and Dad scolds her. You‘ve always brought her loads of candies and chocolates on her birthday as a child, and if her upcoming birthday has left you perplexed about her gift, here are a few cool gift ideas.

Clothes:  All girls love clothes. Be it little bubbly girls or vivacious teenagers, gift cards from Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle etc is sure to bring a great smile on her face.

Books and Board Games:  For the young girls who are greatly fond of books, toys and board games; a Landmark gift card is a great option. They have a wide variety in each of these sections and your niece will have a grand time shopping with her parents.

Watches & Accessories: Be it nine or nineteen, young girls of all ages, always like good collection of watches, purses and bags to go with their dress collection.Fastrack, Titan and Titan Eye+ gift cards will surely leave her spoilt for choice.

Fashion Accessories: Accessorize or Yebhi.com gift cards will let your teenage niece shop online for costume jewellery and other fashion accessories.

Movies & Masti:  Movie time is always fun time, and with a fully loaded PVR Cinemas gift card, you can let her enjoys all the cool movies of the season. Combine it with a gift card from Cafe Coffee Day so that she can also enjoy delicious cakes, sundaes and cool drinks to beat the summer.


Gifts for your Nephew on His Bday

The only boy who you let run around amuck in the house and you still love him! He’s your nephew after all.  If you are a Mamaor Maami stumped about what to buy for your nephew on his birthday, here are a few gifting ideas:

Sports Wear: Boys, whether six or sixteen, there’s a whole range of t-shirts, sports shoes, and accessories such as water bottles that make for a perfect gift. Send him a gift card from Nike, Puma or Lotto for him to select the product of his need.

Watches & Sun Glasses:  For the tween or teenager, a trendy watch is a good buy as are sunglasses or bags. Send him Fastrack or Titan gift cards so that he can choose something he loves.

Movies: For the young nephew, a day at the movies with his close buddy is a great idea. Be it The Hunger Games or Iron Man series, he is sure to have a ball of a time. The PVR Cinemas gift card from Woohoo.in is a fun gift for both little boys and teens.

Books & Board Games: If your young nephew loves books or toys, you can send him Landmark or Starmark gift cards. He will have a great time shopping for his favourite books or board games.

Gizmos: Whether young ones or teenagers, all boys love gadgets and gizmos.Flipkart.com or Letsbuy.com gift cards will let him or his parent pick up a cool toy, mp3 player or gaming console.

Woohoo.in offers convenient and flexible gift cards, giving the recipient the freedom to choose the gift from many stores across India!


Wedding Gifts for your Brother

Whether it is the wedding of an older protective brother, or a younger ‘kid’ brother, a gift from you will be very special for him and will be a treasured keepsake, because of the special bond your share with him. But back home you are busy in the wedding preparations and is being consulted on every aspect regarding the wedding preparations. So if you are tied up with too many things during the wedding celebration, a stylishly packaged Woohoo.in card can be the most thoughtful gift, as it will allow your brother to choose the gift of his choice at his shopping convenience.

Clothing – Your brother will surely be requiring many set of fine clothes both during the wedding ceremonies and for attending the multitude of lunch/ dinner invites afterwards. Gift cards from premium brands like Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Raymond etc can help him shop for his choice of garments.

Jewelry – A special piece of jewelry like a stylish gold chain, men’s ring or bracelet is normally a customary gift in many North Indian and South Indian weddings.  Tanishq and Gitanjali gift cards from Woohoo.in offers great convenience for shopping jewelry items.

Footwear – Be it designer shoes to go along with his Sherwani, or formal shoes to go along with his suits; your brother will definitely be looking for multiple pairs in the run up to the wedding. A Woohoo.in card from Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop andCentral can get him many prominent brands like Hush Puppies, Red Tape, Lee Cooper etc.

Accessories – Men these days like to have many watches with them to suit various occasions. Wallets although rarely changed before six months takes an equally important place in the overall dressing. Sun glasses again are essential to project the cool look while outdoor. Gift your brother gift cards from Lifestyle,Central or Shopper’s Stop so that he can select the accessories of his choice.

Silverware – The Italian brand Greggio Argento collection from Gitanjali carries products like tableware for fine dining, curios and centerpieces. This is a gift that is sure to stand out from the clutter because of their exquisite design and superior craftsmanship.

Family Recipe book: If you are his favorite sister, add a more personal touch to the wedding gifts by making a family recipe book including all his favorite dishes of your mother’s and grandmother’s recipes. He will surely appreciate the gesture as he holds a lifetime of memories of childhood with you, and would want to specially show case the gift to his soon-to-be life partner.


Wedding Gifts for Sister

Under normal circumstances, choosing a wedding gift for anyone is quite challenging. But a gift for your sister can put a lot of pressure on you; since as a family member you will already be busily involved in the elaborate wedding preparations. Whether it’s an elder or younger sister, the gift should be chosen with care. Your sister will receive numerous gifts at her wedding, but your gift will stand out to her and will be cherished for a lifetime. Here are some gifting ideas for the big day in your sister’s life.

Jewelry: While your parents will get her extravagant jewelry, she will be ecstatic to receive a special piece of jewelry from you. With gift cards from brands likeGitanjali and Tanishq, you can be assured that your sister can select an exquisite piece as per her liking.

Silverware: With the Gitanjali gift card from Woohoo.in, you can also gift her elegant and stylish silverware from the prestigious Italian brand Greggio Argento, the last word in designer silver.  In impeccably crafted designs, their output ranges from tableware, centerpieces, curios and handcrafted artifacts.

Furniture & Appliances: Your sister will be soon setting up her own new home. A gift voucher from Home Stop and Flipkart.com would help her choose the right furniture, appliances and accessories to suit her style and comfort. 

Cosmetics:  Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop offers a wide range of cosmetic brands like Lakme, Chambor, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon etc. As you want your sister to look beautiful for the most important day in her life, the Lifestyle or Shopper’s Stop gift cards can help her choose her favorite products to bring out the princess in her.

Holidays: Treat your sister and her husband to a romantic get-away during their first year of marriage with the Makemytrip gift card from Woohoo.in. They sure will be delighted as they will be able to plan the trip as per their choice.


Graduation Gifts for my Daughter

The day is soon set to arrive. After all the hard work that she put in through the day and the night, your daughter is going to graduate. It certainly is a momentous occasion for you and her. Show her your appreciation through some nice gifts that she can buy to celebrate her success. Here are some great ideas for graduation gifts:

Apparel:  If she loves shopping, give her a day to let her hair down.  Gift her Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, Central or Westside gift cards, and let her have a great day of shopping at the mall.

Books:  For the eternal book lover, there is nothing like spending a day browsing through the books at her favourite book store. Landmark or Starmark gift cardswill let you surprise her fully.

Watches:  Mark her graduation with a special watch, which she will remember for a lifetime. Send her Titan, Helios or Watches & More gift cards so that she can select the best from a wide range of finely crafted watches.

Jewellery: Go one step further and make her graduation more special by gifting her a precious pendant or a ring. Ddamas, Gitanjali or Tanishq gift cards will allow her to take her pick from their traditional and modern designs.

Fine Dining:  After all that hard work, your young daughter truly deserves a break. Why not send her and friends for an evening of fine dining with BJN Groupor Mainland China gift cards available at Woohoo.in. She will be super excited with the gift as it will be something to flaunt before her friends.


Graduation Gifts for my Son

Ever since your child was born, you dreamt of this day. Seeing your son graduate is a moment of pride that you will cherish always. Send in some appreciation for your son, who has done you proud. Here are some great ideas for graduation gifts:

Apparel/Accessories: Clothes make a man. Buy your son his first formal suit, or let him enjoy some designer wear. Gift cards from Allen Solly, Calvin Klein, Raymond etc will help you dress him up for the new phase in life. Alternatively gift cards from Lifestyle, Central or Shopper’s Stop will give him a wide option with multitude of brands to choose from.

Gadgets:  Most boys would love to own the latest mobile or gizmos such, laptops or gaming devices. Gift cards from Flipkart.com or Letsbuy.com will be more than a pleasant surprise.

Books and CD’s:  For the book lover, a gift card from Landmark or Flipkart.com is a real treat. These cards are also ideal if your son loves the latest in Music and Games.

Watches:  Men and watches go together. Mark his graduation and his transition into a grown up with a special watch, which he will remember for a lifetime.Titan, Helios or Watches & More offer a fabulous range to satisfy his liking.

A Holiday:  After all that hard work, your strong boy truly deserves a break. Why not send him on a short holiday with his close buddy for a great trip?Makemytrip.com gift cards will let him plan for a safe trip with his friend!


Gifts for Namakaran ceremony

The birth of a child is considered the most auspicious event in every house. The Hindu naming ceremony or ‘Namakaran’ of the baby is often the first formal traditional ceremony for the baby.  It is also an occasion to introduce the baby to the extended family and society. Considering the importance of this ceremony, it’s a good idea to think a little about the gift you are going to give the child.

Clothes: While clothes are the most obvious choice, it’s never possible to meet the exact expectation of parents. Gift cards from Mothercare, Central or Westside will give them the freedom to choose their own apparel as the baby grows.

Baby care Accessories:  Good options to consider are often things that will be useful in the near future such as baby rockers, car seats, strollers/prams, high chairs etc. Mothercare and Lifestyle gift cards would let the parents decide and buy the useful products for the baby through the year.

Toys:  The range of toys such as teethers, soft toys and water-proof books from infant to toddler-hood is just amazing. Gift cards from Landmark may be just the thing you need.

Jewelry:  If the baby is born in the immediate family or to a very close friend, consider giving a small symbolic trinket as a gift. You may honour the new mother too. Gitanjali or Tanishq gift cards would give an immense choice to the parents.

Gift cards are a great option when you are not sure about the finer details of the recipient’s preference. Get a Woohoo.in gift card that offers convenience and flexibility to the recipient in choosing the gift of their choice.



Birthday gifts for your favorite Uncle!

Everybody has a favourite uncle. The one who would overrule your dad; the one who would support you skipping school; the one who would take you with him for a ride or the one who would load you with candy. You can show your care for your favorite uncle by getting him a cool gift card that he can use to buy whatever he desires. Here are a few ideas:

Sports Apparel: Is your uncle leading an active life, but could use some cool clothes while he is exercising? Get him a gift card from Puma or Nike for some great choices on active wear.

Cologne/Perfume: Sometimes traditional people are reticent about their secret desires- like a bottle of good Cologne or Perfume! A gift card from Lifestyle orCentral, available at Woohoo.in would give him a wide choice of fragrances to choose from.

Books: This category is usually a safe bet. Whether your uncle would like to buy the latest John Grisham or wants to own a collector’s edition of Sherlock Holmes; a gift card from Flipkart.com or Landmark would be a great gift idea.

Electronics: Is your uncle a gizmo enthusiast? Then indulge him with a gift card from Letsbuy.com or Flipkart.com, so that he can buy that electronic gadget he has been eyeing for a while.

Vacation: Your Uncle has worked so hard and you know he deserves a vacation. Gift him a good vacation with a gift card from Makemytrip.com so that he and aunty can take a break to catch some rest and relaxation.


Birthday gifts for your favourite Aunty!

Do you have a favourite Aunt who spoilt you as a child? Do you remember those idyllic summer holidays at her home, eating her signature dishes and playing with your cousins?  The Aunt who always calls to wish you on your birthday and other special days in your life! On her birthday send her a thoughtful gift and show her that you remember those days with affection and appreciate all that she means to you. Here are some of the gifting ideas for your aunt’s birthday.

Cookware: One way to a woman’s heart is definitely through kitchen tools! Get her a gift card from TTK Prestige or Home Stop so that she can shop for her favourite kitchen item.

Jewellery: Delight your aunt with a gift card from Ddamas. They carry an amazing range of jewellery that is sure to wow her! A gift card from Tanishq orAccessorize is also a great choice.

Saree: Dazzle your aunt with a gift card from Satya Paul- a top designer lable that carries a beautiful range of sarees in classic and contemporary designs.

Restaurants: Give your aunt a break from her kitchen with a restaurant gift card from BJN Group, Mainland China, Sigree, Oh Calcutta! or Kyra depending on whether she likes North Indian, Chinese, Bengali or a multi-cuisine experience. Before booking the gift card please check the availability of the restaurant in your city.

Eyewear: If your aunt wears reading glasses or prescription sunglasses or snazzy shades, a gift card from Titan Eye+ or Shopper’s Stop will give her a great range to choose from.


Wedding Gifts for the Groom

The big day is fast approaching! The groom is no more the eligible bachelor and soon has to bid adieu to his carefree days. He is now about to assume responsibilities and don the mantle of husband for a lifetime. Who says he’s not as nervous as the bride? He too is certain to be lost in the wedding planning. Make his wedding preparations, and the time afterwards enjoyable with these thoughtful gifts.

Apparel – There are enormous options in formal suits, blazers and ethnic wear for the groom to choose from. With gift cards from major brands like Raymond, Van Heusen and Louis Philippe; the groom can buy the best garments for the biggest day in his life.

Jewellery –  For the family members on either side, Tanishq and Gitanjali from their wedding collection offers the groom, rings in gold and diamonds and  small necklaces  to go with his ethnic wear.

Footwear –  With gift cards from Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop, the groom can select the foot wear of his choice from some of the finest brands available in the country.

Personal Care – Calvin Klein, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, DKNY are major brands in this category that can be considered as gift ideas through gift cards from Shopper’s Stop, Yehbi.com and Central.

Watches & Accessories – Family and friends can indulge the groom with luxury brands like Titan, Antonio Bernini, Carrera and Espirit etc with Titan and Heliosgift cards from Woohoo.in card. With gift cards from Hidesign, Shopper’s Stop,Lifestyle etc, the groom can select stylish leather accessories to match his wedding attire.

Spa Treatment – Since the bride is sure to go on an all out effort to look good on the big day, the groom also needs to put in the extra effort to look good. A spa treatment along with a beauty package that include facial, pedicure etc can rejuvenate his body and mind and will bring out the best of glow for the wedding day.


Wedding gifts for the Bride

A wedding is a happy, vibrant, and an opulent event stretching for days and has pre-wedding, main day and post-wedding   ceremonies. And the bride prepares for these ceremonies with lots of excitement. Every bride weaves a lot of dreams around her wedding day since a young age. She wants to look her absolute gorgeous best on this day and as the day draws closer, the preparations for her trousseau gets daunting. Cute, thoughtful and lovable gifts can go a long way in soothing her nerves and make her feel special. Here are a few gift ideas to participate in her excitement for the biggest day of  her life.

Clothing – With a lot of ceremonies and functions during and after the wedding, the lady needs more clothing choices at her disposal.  A Satya Paul gift card from Woohoo.in can bring her home finely crafted designer sarees, lehengas, tops and tunics to suit any occasions.

Jewelry – A newlywed lady also has to attend lots of family functions and friend parties in the first few months of marriage. She will be the cynosure of all eyes and she wants to look classy and exquisite in both antique and modern designer jewelry. Gift cards from Tanishq, Gitanjali and Ddamas from Woohoo.in can offer her designs of her choice.

Footwear – To go along with the exquisite clothes, the bride will also need fine fashion footwear. Gift cards from Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop will help the bride select the stylish footwear of her choice.

Accessories – Elegant accessories add a touch of class to your look and the lady of the moment is sure to want stylish purses, handbags, sun glasses and watches to suit her dresses. Gift cards from Hidesign, Titan Eye+ and Helios available at Woohoo.in can get her the accessories that she has on her mind.

Cosmetics & Fragrances – Artfully applied make-up makes the bride look stunning and beautiful, and exquisite fragrances makes them feel good about oneself. With gift cards from Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop and Central, the bride can select her favorite brands from Dior, Maybelline, Chambor etc in cosmetics and Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder etc in fragrances.


What to Gift on your teen Granddaughter’s birthday?

‘Sugar and spice and all things nice are what little girls are made of’, this is the image that grandparents always carry of their favourite grand daughters no matter how old they are! Buying a gift for your favourite grand daughter need not be a daunting task even if she has grown up to be a confident teen. Get her a gift card from one of these categories and you will be giving her the option of buying exactly what her heart desires!

Apparel:  If western clothes are her style, a gift card from Westside or Shopper’s Stop would be great. If she is into online shopping, a gift card from Yebhi.com can get her t-shirts, jeans, track pants, tops, kurtis and much more.

Footwear: A girl can never have too many shoes! Let her take delight in picking out a great new pair with a gift card from Nike, Shoppers’s Stop or Lifestyle.

Leather Accessories: Purses, wallets, handbags are hot favourites with the girls. A gift card from Hidesign or Fastrack would be ideal for her to buy herself the perfect accessory.

Eye Wear: Fashionable eyewear is at a new trending high and today eyewear is available to suit every taste and every need. A gift card from Titan Eye+ orFastrack would be ideal to gift her a stylish eyewear, be it prescription sunglasses or fancy sunglasses.

If you would like her to buy something which she really needs, but are not sure about the gift, then buy her a multi brand departmental store gift card fromLifestyle, Central, Shopper’s Stop or Westside; where she can shop among a wide range of options.


What to Gift on your teen Grandson’s birthday?

As a young child you had always protected him from the harshness of his parents and given in to all his whims and fancies. You have seen him grow up with deep affection and if you are considering pampering your grandson on his birthday, here are some gift ideas that would surely delight him.

Watches: A nice watch is both a necessity and a fashion accessory. A gift card from the Titan, Watches & More, Fastrack etc would help him pick exactly what he wants to go along with his hip clothing.

Sports Apparel: Boys love sporty clothes and the Puma and Nike stores have a fine collection of active apparel that would appeal to him. You could also consider a gift card from Planet Fashion as they carry a wide range of casual branded apparel to suit his outdoor taste.

Books & Music: This is always a popular category and you don’t have to sweat about not knowing about his taste in reading and music. A gift card fromFlipkart.com or Landmark will give him a huge range of books and music to choose from, also making it a fun shopping activity for him.

Electronics: Young lads can never say no to gadgets! Get your grandson a gift card from Letsbuy.com or Flipkart.com available at Woohoo.in. They carry a wide range of must have gadgets to choose from including mobiles, MP3 players and cameras.

Gaming Consoles: One thing all young boys in this world have in common is their love for computer and console games. Gift cards from Landmark or Flipkart.com can give them a wide variety of gaming console and software options for hours of gaming pleasure.


Gift for favorite Teacher on Her Birthday

Einstein said in his times, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. Were you lucky to come across such a teacher in your life? . Teachers can make a profound impact in how you perceive the world, your aspirations; and make you want to do your best. Get your teacher a gift card to show her you appreciate her dedication and commitment and are thankful for her contribution to your life.

Watches: Teachers are always on the run. They have to fly from one class to another, keep up with staff meetings, PTMs and follow a tight schedule. A gift card from Helios or Titan would offer a fine choice of classic or trendy watches to choose from.

Spa day: Gift your teacher a break from her routine of everyday. A service at a nice salon and spa might just be what she needs to feel rejuvenated and re-charged to resume her demanding role. People in Bangalore and Pune can send across this gift as a gift card from YLG Salon & Spa, available at Woohoo.in.

Movies: Everybody loves a good, fun evening at the cinemas! Get your teacher a gift card from PVR Cinemas for an evening of relaxation and entertainment.

Books & Music: Good teachers are always book lovers.  A gift card fromLandmark, Starmark or Flipkart.com may be the perfect gift for your teacher whether she wants to buy a novel or the latest book in economics!

Lastly, if you are not sure what you should get her, but want her to get something that she would really enjoy, get her a mall card from Shopper’s Stop, Central orLifestyle for unlimited choices!


Gifts for a favourite Teacher on His Birthday

Everybody has a special teacher in their lives, leaving a lasting impression through their kindness. A teacher can be the difference between developing a passion for a subject or treating it as a chore. Good teachers inspire you to give it all you got and can determine your choices in the future. Good teachers are the rare individuals which some of us are lucky to come across. Acknowledge your favourite teacher for all his contributions with a thoughtful gift on his birthday.

Eyewear: If there is one thing which most teachers use at some time or the other, it is eye wear. Give your teacher a gift card from Titan Eye+ for some fine choices in eye-wear.

Active wear: Do you think your teacher spends too much time with books and too little time in physical activities? Gift him a card from Puma or Nike, which would encourage him to buy some active apparel and motivate him to start exercising!

Restaurants: A nice evening in an elegant restaurant is always a welcome idea. Gift your teacher a gift card from Mainland China or BJN Group for a relaxing evening.

Books: A good teacher is usually a voracious reader too. Gift your teacher a gift card from Flipkart.com, Landmark or Starmark so that he can buy the next book on his wish list. Whether it is books, stationery supplies or the latest music, these gift cards have got it all covered.


Gifts for Host/ Hostess at Invited Parties

A party is ‘usually’ fun. You meet new people or just re-connect with old friends. Sometimes it is a friend’s party where you can regale without limits,  and sometimes you get invited to your boss’s house, where you have to put on your best behaviour.  No matter where you are going, taking a gift for the host/hostess is an important element. Here are a few ideas to help you make the right impression.

Wine:  If you know that your host consumes alcohol, then fine wine is certainly a good gift for the host. A gift card from Madhuloka would ensure that your host gets the alcoholic beverage of his choice.

Movie: Taking fruits in a packaged basket for the host is passé!  Get your host a gift card from PVR Cinemas and gift them an evening of fun! They will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Books: Books and music are always a universal favourite. A gift card fromStarmark, Landmark or Flipkart.com would be a good gift for your host to buy whatever is on his ‘to read’ list.

Home: Vases, wall hangings and home decorative items are always favoured by some people. A gift card from Home Stop or Gitanjali would be a good choice for your hostess to pick up whatever she fancies for the home.

Eating out: Your host has invited you for dinner. Return the gift with a gift card from BJN Group or Mainland China for a wonderful dining experience that they will thank you for.


Hostel Gifts for my Daughter

Hostel life can be challenging and liberating at the same time. Let your daughter know that you are thinking of her by sending her a gift card that shows how much you miss her! We have a few gift card ideas for you to choose from.

Health and Beauty: Every girl likes beauty products that make her feel special and beautiful. Get her a gift card from Himalaya so that she can indulge a little in health & beauty products.

Jewelry: With a gift card from Tanishq or Gitanjali available at Woohoo.in, this is your chance to wow your daughter with branded jewellery in great designs.

Apparel: Is she into sports wear or casual wear?  Or does she love ethnic chic apparel? Whatever be her tastes, a gift card from Puma, Lotto, Westside or Planet Fashion, available at Woohoo.in, is sure to delight her.

Handbags:  Surprise her with a gift card from Hidesign that has a fabulous collection of leather accessories for her to choose from like bags, belts, card wallets etc.

Fashion accessories: If your fashionista is into sunglasses, watches or other fashion accessories then pick a card from Titan Eye+ or Fastrack to delight her.

Books: If your daughter had been a voracious reader into Famous Five and Nancy Drew stories in childhood, she would be looking for more books appropriate to her age. A gift card from Landmark or Flipkart.com is ideal as they have a good collection of not only books but music too from which she can choose her current favourites.

Finally, if you would like her to have the freedom to buy whatever she wants, you can pick gift cards from multi-brand stores like Central, Lifestyle or Shopper’s Stop!


Hostel Gifts for my Son

Hostel life is a special time for your son. It is a bitter-sweet time of separation and the blossoming of independence. Surprise him with a thoughtful gift that he would cherish in the times when he would be missing you!

Electronics: The way to a boy’s heart is surely through gadgets & electronics. Letsbuy.com and Flipkart.com have an impressive array of cool gadgets that are bound to delight your son.

Books: If your son is a book lover, a gift card from Landmark or an E-Voucher fromFlipkart.com would be perfect. Their impressive collection is sure to satisfy the bibliophile in your son.

Apparel: Cool clothes are always appreciated by youth. Pick from an array of choices for your son, formal or casual, from retailers like Raymond and Planet Fashion or select from brands like Allen Solly, Peter England etc.

Music:  You are not sure of his taste in music? No worries! Get him a gift card fromLandmark or Flipkart.com and he can buy the music of his choice.

Fashion Eyewear: Nothing says ‘cool’ like a great pair of sunglasses. A gift card from Titan Eye+ or Fastrack, available at Woohoo.in might be just the thing he needs for a fashion accessory and that he has been looking for!

One size fits all: Finally if you want him to have the freedom to choose whatever he wants, get him a Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop or Central Gift Card with which he can shop for whatever his heart fancies!


Gifts before Marriage: For Her

Women remember their days before marriage with fondness. This is the time when men have to open their hearts and show that they really care. The best way men can express their affection is by buying the perfect gift for this special lady in their life! Here are a few tasteful gift ideas for her before marriage.

Apparel: Women love to wear great clothes that reflect their elated mood after engagement. This is also the time when most people also expect them to sparkle.  A Satya Paul gift card from Woohoo.in, with its designer wear and seasonal collection, will put the lady on cloud nine. Gift cards of Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop can also offer her a lot of fabulous clothing options.

Perfume: Women relish traditional single floral, floral bouquet fragrances and even exquisite modern fragrances like aquatic, fruity, citrus etc. A Shopper’s Stopor Lifestyle gift card from Woohoo.in will allow her to go through a range of perfumes and select her favorite one.

Leather Bag: Accessories enhance the look of a woman immensely. A nice leather bag that can be carried to the office with all the essentials can be a very thoughtful gift. A gift card of Hidesign, Westside or Central Mall from Woohoo.in will get her that perfect leather bag.

Coffee & Conversations: A cup of nice coffee along with a good conversation in a lively place can be a really enjoyable experience, isn’t it?  Through a gift card from Café Coffee Day you can also subtly tell her to meet you for coffee, many times a week.

Jewelry: Pendants & earrings from her special man are always looked upon fondly by every woman. Why not give her the freedom to choose her favorite piece through a gift card from Asmi, Gitanjali or Tanishq? She will surely have a blast of experience shopping for the same in your company.


Gifts before Marriage: For Him

Women feel nervous and overwhelmed when they have to pick the perfect gift for their man. The uncertainty is obvious as you know very little about your man and his interests. Here are a few ideas to help women find the right gift for men before marriage.

Formal Attire: It is a great idea to help men dress well for office. Many stores sell top-notch clothes in India which add class to a man’s office attire. A gift card from premium brands like Allen Solly, Louis Philippe, Raymond and VanHeusenavailable at Woohoo.in can get him great office wear options.

Cufflinks: A sophisticated pair of cufflinks available at malls such as Westside, Shopper’s stop, Lifestyle etc brings a lot of elegance to a man’s wardrobe. Woohoo.in offers gift cards from these retail stores, for a great gifting & shopping convenience.

Electronics: All men have a thing for electronics and a gift card fromFlipkart.com, Letsbuy.com etc available at Woohoo.in will give them a chance to pick up a GPS Navigator, Mobile phone or any other gadget that they really want.

Recliner: It can be very thoughtful to buy a nice recliner for a man. He can read books, listen to music, and watch TV in a comfortable and relaxed posture. A Home Stop gift card from Woohoo.in will get him this delightful gift.

Restaurant: A quiet dinner in a fancy and fun restaurant can be a blissful experience. If he has been taking you out to all the good places after the engagement, its time you treat him in return. By sending him a restaurant gift card, you can indirectly prompt him to take you out for a nice romantic dinner. Woohoo.in offers gift cards from many restaurants, such as BJN Group and Mainland China, assuring you the best of ambience for a great lunch or dinner.


Impress your Boss on Her Birthday

It’s often a love-hate relationship. But on the whole, you admire your boss for her professionalism and are grateful for the opportunity to learn from her. On her upcoming birthday, communicate your appreciation by choosing an appropriate gift. Following are some ideas worth exploring.

Strategy books:Management is a challenging subject and a lot can be learnt from autobiographies of people who have been successful in radically growing their company’s business such as IBM’s Lou Gerstner and Sony’s Akio Morita. What about gifting her aLandmark or Starmark card where she can update herself with the latest from the business gurus?

Formal wear: In formals or Friday casuals, women always want the best in office wear while stepping out for work. Let your boss check out the latest in fashion with gift cards from Allen Solly, Shopper’s Stop or Central available at Woohoo.in

Fashion Jewelry: Women like to compliment their formal outfit with sophisticated jewellery.  A pretty piece that enhances her femininity and simultaneously underlines her professionalism is a must in the wardrobe of every office going woman. Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle gift cards can get her designer artificial fashion jewelry suiting her tastes.

Flowers: Flowers never go out of fashion. For best results, keep a bunch of lilies or orchids on her desk in the morning before she comes to office. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

Luxury pens: Pens make for a great corporate gift and a Shopper’s Stop gift card can help her browse through a stylish collection. A pen is an important accessory in the workplace and gifting your boss a stylish branded pen that she will carry with her to important meetings is a smart way to be in good books.


Impress your Boss on His Birthday

Finding a suitable birthday gift for your boss is always tricky. The gift should be personal and show your appreciation for the person from whom you have learnt so much. And yet, the gift should not be open to misinterpretation. Striking the balance may be difficult, but not impossible. One among the following gifting ideas will help you walk the fine line.

Wallet: Try gifting him a gift card of Hidesign or Accessorize from Woohoo.in where he can choose the appropriate wallet for himself. A stylish wallet where he keeps all his credit cards and club memberships will definitely be something he values immensely.

Formal wear: They say you have to dress for success. Your boss will love to add a new pair of cufflinks or a new striped shirt to his corporate wardrobe. Gift him aVanHeusen or Louis Philippe gift card and that will implicitly tell him that you admire his immaculate professional attire.

Electronics: Just as women love their bracelets and pendents, men take a pride in their mobile and electronic gadgets. Gift him a Flipkart or Letsbuy gift voucher and there is no way you can go wrong. He will have fun going through the latest products in the market and choosing one for himself.

A celebratory dinner: A good meal at a nice restaurant has universal appeal, and through Woohoo.in, you can present him with gift cards from a choice of various restaurants and cuisines, like Mainland China, oh! Calcutta, On The Edgeetc.

Music CDs: Nowadays everyone complains of the heavy traffic which makes the daily commute to and from office so painful. Music is the best prescription, and whether his choice is Mozart, Pink Floyd or Kishore Kumar; with a Letsbuy orLandmark gift card, he is sure to find something that will make his daily travel more relaxing.


What to gift on Godh Bharai or Baby Shower?

Godh bharai (literally meaning fill the lap with abundance) or baby shower is a way to celebrate and bless the expectant mother. In the traditional ceremony the expecting mother is adorned with jewels and garments, and her lap is filled with gifts, fruits and sweets and in the end a feast is laid out before her. While the rituals may differ in various parts of our country, the essence remains the same; with singing, dancing and games setting the tone for this women’s ceremony. This article lists below some great gifting ideas for Godh Bharai.

Jewelry – It’s customary for doting parents, husbands and close relatives, to gift jewelry to their loved one on this auspicious day. Gift cards from Tanishq, Gitanjaliavailable on Woohoo.in are great for this occasion.

Maternity Clothes – The expectant mother can get comfortable with gifts ranging from work wear, nightwear, skirts, tops, lingerie etc; and a Mothercaregift card from Woohoo.in would give a great choice among these products.

Personal Care Products – Gifts like creams and lotions from Himalaya, perfumes & deodorants from leading cosmetic brands can be gifted throughHimalaya, Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle gift cards from Woohoo.in.

Music CD’s and Books  With Landmark gift cards, the expecting family can buy soothing music CDs for the anxious mother, books on baby care etc; helping ease the fretful period before the due date.

Sweets – As sweets form a big part of our celebrations, traditional mithai or chocolate boxes, can add a sweet touch to this event.

Gifts for the Baby – The Mothercare gift card from Woohoo.in can also get the expecting couple, an assortment of baby products including baby clothing, baby bags, playtime gifts etc.


What to Gift on Grandma’s Birthday?

Some of your fondest childhood memories involve your grandma. Summer holidays were just incomplete without her. She took your side when you were getting scolded by your parents for bad marks in the school, and the chocolates she got for you were always a welcome treat. If you are wondering what to gift her on her birthday, try the following:

Healthcare items: Gifting your grandma products that help her stay fit are a great way of showing that you care for her. A gift card of Himalaya, which has a wide range of herbal ayurvedic products through Woohoo.in would be a good choice.

Dress material: A new outfit always does justice to birthdays. With the Westsidegift card from Woohoo.in, she can select the fabric and design of her choice, and make a dress that is ideal for her.

Old movie song collection: Your grandma has an entire lifetime of memories to cherish. She would love to relive the memories of her youth by listening to songs from movies of her generation whether it be Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt or Manna Dey. Or she may enjoy a CD  with her favourite devotional songs. A Landmark gift card from Woohoo.in is a great option for this purpose.

A holiday: A quiet vacation in a picturesque hill station or sea resort of her choice, through a Makemytrip card, might be just the perfect way for her to relax and enjoy herself. A gift card would also help grandpa to be part of the travel planning from the start.

Crockery: Your grandma is sure to appreciate a fine porcelain tea set , melamine dinner set and new tablemats to go along with it. Present her a Central or Shopper’s Stop gift card from Woohoo.in, where she can check out these and many other crockery items.


What to Gift on Grandpa’s Birthday?

Many of us have special memories with our grand fathers. How they took us for walks, told us stories, bought us sweets or simply spent time with us doing miscellaneous chores. Buying a gift for your grand father can sometimes be tricky. They seem to not need anything, yet there are things that would bring a twinkle in their eyes. Here are a few ideas that would ensure that.

Watches: A watch is a timeless gift. Get your grandpa a gift card from Helios, a store for serious watch aficionados or from the World of Titan if he is a Titan fan.

Electronic Gadgets: He might need some gadgets like a large dial digital clock which would help him see at night or a pair of wireless head phones to watch TV in peace. Get him a gift card from Flipkart.com or Letsbuy.com to pick the gadget of his choice.

Walking Shoes: Does your grandpa wear regular sandals for his walk? Get him a gift card from Nike or Puma from Woohoo.in so that he can buy himself a good pair of walking shoes.

Eyewear: Sunglasses are not just for youth. Delight your grandfather a gift card from Titan Eye+ that he can use for prescription sunglasses or reading glasses or just a good pair of regular sunglasses.

Books and Music: You may not understand or appreciate his music or his taste in books, but you can get him a gift card from Flipkart.com or Landmark available at Woohoo.in, so that he can buy his favourite author of yesteryears or compilation of golden melodies!


What to gift on Dad’s retirement?

Retirement marks the end of his first innings, and definitely calls for a celebration. Make the event a memorable one by gifting him something that he will use regularly in the next phase.

Sportswear: Now he can finally go for the long morning and evening walks. Gift him a Nike orPuma gift card and help him invest in a good pair of sports shoes to make his walks enjoyable.

Dinner: Try a gift card of a restaurant where he can take his friends or family out for a nice get-together meal. Try the Mainland China or Sigree gift cards available at Woohoo.in for an evening of fine dining and great conversations.

Health products: He still has many active years of his life in front of him. Health is on the top of his mind and supplements that increase his fitness and energy levels are gifts he will appreciate tremendously. One good option is Himalaya that has products ranging from Neem, Tulsi pure herb capsules etc, which are considered beneficial to cure various ailments.

Apparel: He has retired from office, not from life itself. In fact, his social activities can be expected to increase now that he has less responsibilities, and so gifting him a set of shirts or trousers is a good  idea. He will like a gift card of Westside or Shopper’s Stop where he can choose from a variety of brands.

Mobile and accessories: Gift your father a new mobile phone that is both trendy and yet easy to use. Or better still, let him choose for himself by gifting himFlipkart or Letsbuy gift card. Thus he will be able to compare online the features of the different products, and choose the one that is best suitable for him.


What to gift on Mom’s retirement?

After a lifetime of handling multiple responsibilities, your mother is finally saying goodbye to her corporate role. She is probably having mixed feelings, and will definitely welcome a thoughtful gesture on this occasion.

A well deserved holiday:No one deserves a holiday more than your mother who has worked so hard to simultaneously handle office and home for so many years. What about a vacation, either in the foothills of Himalaya or the pristine beaches of the south? Or a visit to any of India’s historic monuments, any of which can be made easy through aMakemytrip gift card from Woohoo.in.   A gift card has the added advantage of making the dad also part of the planning process.

Home decor: Post retirement, your mother will now want to focus more time on her home. Help her in her effort to refurbish the home with a gift card from Home Stop or Lifestyle.

Cosmetics: Now that she finally has time to take care of herself, make it easier to pamper herself by a gift card of Central or Westside, where she can get herself a perfume, moisturising cream or anything that catches her fancy.

Movie tickets: She would love to go to the movies, and with a PVR gift card, she and her friends can enjoy the latest flick and a tub of popcorn to go along with it. This gift will be something every mother will love to flaunt in her circle.

Compilation albums: She is also sure to love a music collection with the best hits of her times. A great option would be a Landmark gift card, which has a series of compilation albums, sorted by singers (such as Asha Bhosle and Mukesh etc) and music directors (S D Burman, Hemanta Mukherjee etc).


Birthday Gifts for Teenage Daughter

Teen girls have strong likes and dislikes and have varied personalities. While some are gregarious and revels in the company of their myriad friends, the some others prefer their own company or at the best the confidence of few friends. Here are a few birthday gift ideas that will be liked by most teenage girls.

Grooming Kit:  Teenage girls are sensitive about their appearance, wanting to always look best in their peer group. A good make-up kit that contains items such as face cleaning gel, moisturizer, a light lip gloss, eye liner and hair-dryer can be a great gift. This make-up kit can be presented through gift cards from Central or Shopper’s Stop, available at Woohoo.in.

Garments and Accessories: Teenagers love stylish and trendy clothing and cool and hip accessories like scarfs and belts. A gift card from Accessorize, French connection and Lotto are sure to light up your daughter’s face.

Body Hygiene: Most teenage girls are also particular about hygiene in their growing years. A gift card from Himalaya or Central Mall can be very useful in obtaining the essential skin, hair and body care products that your teenage daughter wants to purchase.

Movie tickets: Most teenage girls love to go to movies with their friends. Gift cards from PVR cinemas available at Woohoo.in will give them the choice and freedom to watch their favorite stars on the big screen with a big tub of popcorn.

Music: Music has an extraordinary place in a girl’s life. A gift card Landmark andFlipkart.com can get them their favorite genre of music. The fact that they themselves would be able to make the selection would be the icing on the cake.


Birthday Gifts for Teenage Son

You teenage son is on the threshold of becoming a man and the choice of gifts should reflect this fact. As a parent you need to be aware of their interests and if you can give them the freedom of choice in their gifts, they will be even more delighted. Here is a list of things to gift, that would delight a teen boy on his birthday.

Games: Many city teenagers spend most of their free time with their buddies playing the latest games and they will be thrilled to get the most popular game for their Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii. Gift cards from Flipkart.com and Landmark, available at Woohoo.in are best options as they can shop around and select their favorite game titles.

Sports Shoes: Teenagers enjoy outdoor sports and activities, be it tennis, cricket, foot ball; or simply gyming or jogging in the evenings. A good pair of athletic shoes is a must for every teen for protection from injury. A Nike, Lotto or Puma gift card from Woohoo.in will offer a variety of great quality shoes to choose from.

Restaurant: Hanging out with their friends at one of their favourite eateries can be the best way a teenager would like to enjoy his birthday. Gift cards from fun restaurants or coffee shops, like Mainland China or Café Coffee day will be much appreciated for he can take his girl-friends and guy-friends for a nice evening party.

Movie Tickets: Going out to movies is one of the popular week-end plans of most teens. Be it Action, Adventure, Comedy or Horror genres; everybody has their own taste. A gift card from PVR Cinema available at Woohoo.in will make his weekends fun and enjoyable with his friends.

Jeans and Casuals: Jeans and T-shirts are the usual wardrobe of most teenagers. Since they rely on these garments so heavily; gift cards from Shopper’s Stop,Lifestyle or Central can get them their favorite brands of jeans and casuals, and a nice shopping expedition at their own convenience.



Gifts for Newborn baby

The birth of a child in the family is a moment that reaffirms the miracle of life. This bundle of joy holds the attention of the entire household with its curious little eyes and tender little hands. Everyone visiting the happy family wants to express their love and affection to this special tiny person. Whether it’s an informal friend visit or a formal visit for a Christian Baptism ceremony or the Hindu ritual of Namakaran; the array of gifts to choose for babies is immense. Given below are some of the gifting ideas for the new born baby.

Jewelry for the Occasion – The parents, grandparents, close relatives, and friends can bless this cherished child with the precious pieces of trinkets, chains, bangles through Tanishq and Gitanjali gift cards available at Woohoo.in.

Infant Basics – The whole gamut of baby gear from infant bedding, nursery furniture, cradles, clothing for summer and winter, caps, bonnets, strollers, carriers, car seats, hi/booster chairs, toiletries, safety, travel accessories, cutlery set, feeding, bathing/changing, teething /soothing and toys; will be required in the initial years after birth. Mothercare gift cards from Woohoo.in can help the parents shop for these products with greater ease. As the parents can select the products at the store, these gifts cards are sure to make them happy.

Music and Books
Books on baby care, expert advice that can get the new mother through the first few months; her favorite music CD’s, collection of nursery rhymes etc can be gifted through Landmark gift cards available at Woohoo.in.


Gifts for New Mother

With the kind of mental and physical strain a new mother goes during child birth, she needs to be nurtured and pampered for long. It is often seen that, while friends and families take lots of gifts for the infant, sometimes the mother is forgotten. While the new mother appreciates all the gifts showered on her bundle of joy, she would still love something specially meant for her. Here are some gifting ideas for a new mother after child birth that will surely bring a smile on her face.

Jewelry – The new dad, in-laws or parents could gift the new mother traditional ornaments in gold and diamonds, to make her feel special. Excellent jewelry with stylish designs can be purchased through gift cards from Tanishq andGitanjali available at Woohoo.in.

Nursing Apparel – Comfortable work-wear and home-wear, including front open or chain-fitted nursing tops and kurtis, sleep-wear and lingerie can be gifted through gift cards from Mothercare or Lifestyle.

Spa products – Gift baskets with aroma therapy oils, bath oils/salt, skincare lotions/creams, scented candles etc that can ward off post-delivery blues, relax and rejuvenate the young mother; can be gifted through Mothercare gift cards from Woohoo.in. For new mothers in Bangalore and Pune, gift cards from YLG Salon & Spa are yet another great gift option.

Munch for Mom – Yet another gift idea could be an organic fruit basket, box of chocolates, cakes, Indian sweets etc to satisfy her sweet tooth in every possible way.

Childcare Books – Good childcare books with expert advice might help her get through the first 12 months. A Landmark or Flipkart.com gift card from Woohoo.in is all that she requires to select the book of her choice.


What to Gift on Boyfriend’s Birthday?

Birthdays are a great day to let people know how important they are in your life. He is the special someone, and so you want to make this birthday memorable, right? We suggest you try one of the following:

An evening at a nice restaurant: This birthday, what about gifting him a fun filled evening? This is also a thank you for all the times he has taken you shopping even though he would rather have gone partying with friends. Giving him a gift card of a much talked about restaurant or lounge in town (try Mainland China, 13thFloor, Sigree gift cards) that shows that he is special to you and that you care about his interests too.

Books & Games:  Who says this latest generation doesn’t read? He will surely enjoy a good thriller. Alternatively, gifting him a gaming CD that he had wanted to play for long will show him how much you care for him. He can find these and much more using a Landmark gift card, and you can easily present him one with the appropriate denomination from Woohoo.in.

Sportswear: You can’t go wrong with this one with guys! A trip to Nike or Pumashowroom, where he can get the latest sportswear as well as trendy shoes, will make him feel like a king.

Watches: A watch is so much more than an instrument to tell the time. It is a style statement, and says a lot about the person wearing it.  A gift card of ‘Watches & More’,  Helios or Fastrack; where he can browse through the wide collection and find the perfect watch that defines him, is a sure treat.

Adventure sports holiday: A water rafting trip in Rishikesh or a paragliding experience in the Himalayan ranges – just the thought of such fun will make him happy. Gift him a holiday through a Makemytrip gift card, where he can choose a destination with the adventure sports of his liking.


What to Gift on Girlfriend’s Birthday?

Everyone likes their birthday, women especially so. It’s a day they want to be pampered and treated like a princess. Flowers are an absolute must, but there is more you can do to make her feel extra special.

Soft toys: There is no rational reason for adults liking soft toys, but that is totally beside the point, isn’t it?  The fact is that a teddy bear still brings a smile on her face. And that is what matters. Gift her aLifestyle or Shopper’s Stop gift card from Woohoo.in, and just watch her glow in innocent happiness as she selects from their wide collection.

Chocolate Hamper: Gift her beautifully packed hamper full of her favourite chocolates, cookies, and other delicacies. She will surely enjoy the surprise factor as she unpacks each item in the basket.

Jewelry: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and when it comes from her boyfriend, she values it even more. Gitanjali, Asmi and Tanishq gift cards are good options for this.

Movie DVDs: This is a great way to make up for all the times you were busy and were not able to take her to the movies. At Landmark, she can use the gift card you give her to find the movies she wants to watch. All that remains is to get the popcorn, and enjoy your own private screening of the movie!

Fashion apparel: Women love to shop.  Gift her Satya Paul, Shopper’s Stop orCentral gift card. She will have a blast shopping there and will thank you for it. What is more, you will be the beneficiary as she wears the new trendy outfit on your next date.


What to gift your Brother on his birthday?

Pillow fights, racing down the road and squabbling over a toy. And now, he’s someone you can rely on. Fond memories of your childhood with your brother only make you love him more. This birthday, let your brother choose a gift he will enjoy and cherish! Here are some ideas:

Watches or Gadgets: Does your brother loves collecting watches, or is he a gizmo-freak?  Gift cards fromTitan, Helios, or Letsbuy through Woohoo.in are sure to get him the trendiest watch or the latest gizmo in town.

Apparel:  Formal or casual– the choice for men’s apparel is astounding. Push your brother towards buying some new clothes by getting him Allen Solly, Louis Philippe, Planet Fashion, French Connection or Raymond gift card from Woohoo.in.

Fashion Accessories: Men love classy fashion accessories such as sunglasses and wallets that go well with their wardrobe.  Titan Eye+, Fastrack or Hidesign gift cards from Woohoo.in will leave him spoilt for choice.

Books: The book worm never fails to get excited by a book, and what better if he can choose the book himself? Landmark gift cards from Woohoo.in are ideal if your brother is a book lover.

Sports Accessories / Sportswear:  Sports or Workout maniacs will love Puma orNike gift cards; giving them the freedom to choose sports goods, workout gear or even trendy shoes.

A Bottle of Wine:  Wine connoisseurs love to choose their favourite bottle themselves. For brothers in Bangalore, an adequately loaded gift card fromMadhuloka is sure to delight him!

Woohoo.in offers convenient and flexible Gift Cards that gives the recipient the freedom to choose the gift from leading brands and retail outlets across India!


What to gift your Sister on her birthday?

It’s said that there’s nothing like having a sister!  She’s someone to run to in times of trouble, serve you a hot meal, or simply just be there when you need her the most. Show your love and appreciation on her Birthday, and give her the freedom to choose her gifts. Given below are some great gifting ideas that will surely put a smile on her face!

Apparel:  There is no separating women and clothes. Choose from multiple brands available through Shopper’s Stop, Central or Lifestyle gift cards from Woohoo.in. And if your sister loves designer wear, consider the French Connection or Satya Paul gift cards.

Jewellery and Watches: Show your appreciation by gifting a little ornament. Gift cards from Gitanjali, dDamas or Asmi will make her go over the moon. And if not an ornament, then buy her Helios or Titan gift cards for a stylish watch.

Fashion Accessories: Fashion accessories such as sunglasses and bags are essential for a woman. Gift cards from Fastrack, Hidesign or Accessorize can give her a great shopping experience scouting for her a fashion accessory that she greatly desires.

A day at the Spa:  Nudge her gently towards a luxurious beauty treatment. For ladies in Bangalore and Pune, YLG Saloon & Spa gift cards are a good choice.

A Birthday Lunch or a Movie: Let your sister enjoy a meal or movie with a friend, or a special someone. Gift Cards from Kyra Restaurant, Mainland China, oh! Calcutta or PVR Cinemas are good options for a fun day out!

Woohoo.in offers convenient and flexible Gift Cards, giving the recipient the freedom to choose their gifts from different brands and products across India!


What to gift on Father’s Birthday?

Be it as a silent protector or as a gregarious friend, your Father has always been there for you. If you have been a miser in telling him ‘I Love You, Dad’ in so many words, change that by giving him a thoughtful gift on his birthday. After all he is somebody who has celebrated every birthday of yours with zest and pomp. Here are some ideas on what to gift your father on his birthday:

Apparel: Clothes make a man. Shirts, trousers or even complete suits for the next party are a good choice. Send him gift cards from Allen Solly, VanHeusen, Louis Philippe or Raymond; so that he can select the garments of his choice.

Watches and Accessories: For the punctual Dad, a classic watch is a good idea. Let him choose a watch he will love to show-off to his friends. Titan or Helios gift cards will allow him to shop for a stylish watch and a Hidesign gift card will push him to buy those much-needed wallet, belt or leather bag.

Mobile phones/e-gadgets: Gifting your father the gift cards from Flipkart.comor Letsbuy.com will allow him to browse through a large phone or gizmos collection online, and select the phone and gadget suiting his requirements.

A Bottle of Fine Wine: And if Dad is a true connoisseur of wines or single malts, a bottle of his favourite liquor brand will be a great gift for the evenings he want to celebrate at home. For aficionados in Bangalore a Madhuloka gift card is a great gifting option.

A Holiday: Your father has taken you on many memorable holidays, and now it’s your turn to gift him a great holiday in return. A gift card from Makemytrip will allow him to plan for the perfect holiday with Mom, to a destination of their choice.


What to gift on Mother’s Birthday?

Mum is somebody who’s always been there for you. From packing your lunch boxes, to helping you with homework and shielding you from the big, bad world – she’s done it all. A mother is always taken for granted. Surprise her and show your love by getting her a great gift on her birthday this year. Here are some innovative ideas to surprise your mother:

Jewelry: Jewelry always brings sparkles to every woman’s eyes. Gift cards fromGitanjali or Tanishq available at Woohoo.in will give her a wide variety of traditional or contemporary jewelry to choose from.

Watches and Accessories: Replace mom’s old watch, and let her choose a new one. Titan gift cards can let her choose a new watch, while Hidesign gift cards offer a wide range of designer bags and other must-haves.

A day at the Spa:  Mom has always been beautiful, and now let that come to the forefront. Spa vouchers are a great option and moms in Bangalore and Pune can be pampered by sending a YLG Saloon & Spa gift card.

A dinner date with Dad: Give your mom a break from the kitchen, and on her special day let her indulge in fine dining relishing her favourite cuisine! Gift cards from Mainland China, Sigree, Machan or BJN Group Restaurants will let her have a quiet evening out with the special man in her life.

A Holiday: Say Happy Birthday with a bang! Send her on that much-needed vacation by sending a gift card from MakeMyTrip! A gift card will ensure that both your mom and dad will also have a great time planning for the trip.


Gifts for Daughter on Completing Class X

So your daughter is graduating her Xth grade. A very important milestone, something that both of you should celebrate. From here she will move on to college and then hopefully pick the right vocation for her skills. As she stands poised on the threshold of her higher education, she looks towards future with hopeful eyes. What are you going to gift her on this momentous occasion?

A gift for this occasion is something that she will cherish. Not only will the gift mark an extremely important milestone in her life, it’ll also mark the special moment where you finally see her as a young woman, not longer your little girl.

Think In Terms Of Jewelry

A beautiful piece of jewelry, such as a delicate chain with a twinkling diamond from Gitanjali, Asmi or Tanishq would make a memorable gift. What’s more, it’s a gift that will only appreciate in value as she grows older. Gold isn’t going anywhere but straight up. Watch the sparkle travel from the diamond to light her eyes and you’ll know you made the right decision.

How About A Beautiful Watch?

Can there be a more graceful gift than the gift of time? How about a lovely, delicate watch from Titan or Helios, the watch store? Every time she’ll look at it, she’s bound to think of you and all the time and love you’ve lavished on her.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Apparel

All girls love clothes. Buy her a gift card from Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Westside or Central and watch her go crazy buying everything she sees. Be warned though! She’ll spend more than the card’s value!


Gifts for Son on Completing Class X

Your son is your hope for the future, the boy who’s going to carry your dreams forward. Can anything be too special for him, especially when he’s graduating Class Xth? What wouldn’t you do to make this occasion a most memorable one for him? Would you stop at just patting his shoulder or would you buy him a gift he will treasure for ever? Of course you’ll buy him a gift.

Gift Him The Gift Of Time

In some cultures, when a son comes of age, his father gives him a watch. The watch indicates the passage of time from childhood to adulthood, from a time of playfulness to an arena of responsibility. Buy a gift card from Titan or Helios and let your son select his own watch. He’s probably already has many watches, but a new one at this moment is suitable that will stand the test of time with elegance.

Buy Him Classy Formals

A well-cut, extremely well tailored formal shirt and trousers will add several inches to his height. Match that with a coordinating silk tie and you won’t recognize your little boy who only wore shorts and football jerseys. This is your moment as much as his. Get him a gift card from Raymond. Try not to help him too much with the selection process – let him figure out what looks best on him. It’s time to let go, and let him start growing into the fine man you know he’ll be.


Gifts For Your Business Partner On His Birthday

So it’s your business partner’s birthday. Contrary to what some people might think, business and pleasure do mix, especially when your business partner has stood by you through thick and thin. Here’s an opportunity for you to express your gratitude for his support, for all those late nights of backbreaking work, for meeting that annoying client’s demands with a smile. Buy him a gift card for his birthday, for something that he’s bound to enjoy and value.

Cool Gizmos

Your job is half done if he’s a gadget freak. All you do is buy a gift card from Flipkart.com or LetsBuy.com and hand it to him with a flourish. Your business partner can select from a wide range of gadgets and gizmos – everything from the latest smart phones, to tablets, to external hard disks to the latest cameras. The list of choices and the variety are both endless. Best of all, he can select whatever he wants from the comfort of his chair. Plus you can also be assured that he will also get the best rates in town.

Fantastic Fitness Products

If your business partner is a fitness freak, there’s even better news. You can buy gift cards from Puma, Lotto or Nike from Woohoo.in and watch him have a blast. There’s so much to choose from – sporty apparel, shoes, even heart rate monitors and other gadgets for the athlete. Your business partner will thank you for your thoughtfulness. Woohoo.in sends the gift cards in nice packages making sure your gift making a great impression.


Gifts For Your Business Partner On Her Birthday

As each day goes by, you come to rely so much on your business partner but never get a chance to tell her how much you appreciate her contribution. It’s hard to express yourself to a lady frankly, unless you’re a woman too. Still, you get your chance when her birthday comes around. Here’s a day that you can truly optimize, and use it to convey all your feelings. Make her birthday special with a special gift card.

Treat Her To A Day At The Spa

It’s a great idea to gift your female business partner a spa certificate. In fact, such a gift will only go to show how much you appreciate her hard work and how much you want her to have a few moments of blissful relaxation. So buy an YLG Salon & Spa card and hand it over with your heartfelt gratitude for all the hard work. If a nice relaxing break is what she is after, then this gift card from Woohoo.in is something she will love.

Let Her Pick An Elegant Watch

A watch is a must-have for a business woman. Give her the chance to select an elegant watch of her choice from Titan, Helios or Watches & More stores. This is a gifting idea that cannot go wrong.

Hand Bags For A Lady

Gift her a Hidesign gift card so she can select a bag to carry her laptop, plastic folders and so on. Or, of course, she can also pick a fabulous evening bag, that’s up to her!


Gifts for Client on Her BDay

Client satisfaction and client delight is fun with an appropriate gift. But do you feel that such a thing might not bode well in a professional world? Relax! everyone feels special on their birthday, and your client will be absolutely thrilled that you bothered to remember and wish her. Go a step further and make it even better – get her a fabulous gift card from Woohoo.in!

How About A Great Watch And Some Accessories?

The secret to make a woman happy is to enable her to spend on something fabulous, such as watches and accessories from Titan, Watches & More or Helios. The best part about a gift card is that your client will select what she likes – so you don’t have to worry about the appropriateness of the actual item.

How About Some Fabulous Art?

An etched wall hanging, a beautiful glass or ceramic vase, perhaps a sculpture or two – are the kinds of objects that people usually gift to non-intimate acquaintances. These are gifts that cannot be misunderstood. Buying your client a gift card from Home Stop, or Shopper’s Stop would be ideal; she can use it to shop for beautiful things for her home.

How About Some Books and Music?

Books and music make excellent generic, impersonal gifts; ideal for a client and generally liked by all women. Buy a loaded gift card from Flipkart.com or Letsbuy.com to allow your client to pick up several good books and CDs. She will appreciate your token of appreciation a great deal!


Gifts for Client on His BDay

When it comes to men, most people think of wallets, ties and shirts. If it’s your client’s birthday and you’re thinking of getting him a gift, don’t get stuck on wallets and shirts. Buy him a gift card from Woohoo.in!

A Gift Card For Apparel

No, you won’t be indirectly implying that he dresses shabbily. Your gift card will surely indicate your appreciation for his business and patronage. However, if you have noticed him wearing the same shirt and trouser combination a few times, maybe a gift card from Louis Philippe, Van Heusen or Allen Solly won’t be amiss.

A Gift Card For A Great Watch

You can never go wrong with a watch for a male client. Watches make cool, professional, elegant and respectful gifts. However, when you gift your client a gift card from Titan, Helios or Watches & More, he is at liberty to pick any kind of watch or accessory of his choice. You don’t have to bother choosing something and then wonder if he’ll like it or not. Gift cards take away the uncertainty or apprehension associated with gifting.

A Gift Card For Some Great Books Or Music

Have you noticed your client carrying a book in his briefcase? If you know he’s an avid reader, why not gift him a gift card from Landmark for books and maybe music too? These are generic gifts that are entirely appropriate to gift a client without the worry of offending the person.


Reignite your Romance with Him

Has your man been a little distant off late? Are you wondering exactly how to reignite the romance with him? There’s one method that never fails – get him a gift! Have a big heart, buy him a gift card for something he really wants from Woohoo.in.

Which Man Is Not A Gizmo Freak?

Every man has a gizmo addict hidden deep within. Does your man constantly yearn for the latest smart phones or tablets? Is he constantly upgrading his gadgets, waiting with bated breath for new versions to hit the market? You cannot go wrong with a gift vouchers for gadgets and gizmos from Flipkart.com or Letsbuy.com; it will surely be a hit.

Does He Have A Liking For The Bubbly?

How about a good variety of champagne along with a home cooked meal for two? For those in Bangalore Madhuloka is a premier winery and spirits store that stocks excellent beverages. If he’s one for the drink, then buy a good-sized gift card from Madhuloka and let him pick up malted whiskey, brandy or wines of his choice.

Does He Fancy Books and music?

Does your man like to spend hours reading his favorite book or listen to music. Then how about a gift card from Landmark to enable him to buy his favorite books and latest music CD’s? Show him how much you care by keeping him engaged in an activity of his choice. Just make sure that the stores are available in your city before you book the card.


Rekindle Romance with Her

Is your special girl a tad upset with you? Or, is it perhaps your wife that you want to woo all over again? Here’s a chance to turn the clock backwards with a great gift card from Woohoo.in for any amount your heart desires. Of course, if you want to reside in her good books forever and entice her, think big and go all out!

Go Crazy At The Mall Card

So you’re not sure what to gift her, but you sure want her to forgive you and smile again. Here’s an innovative idea – how about a Mall Card from Central, Lifestyle or Shopper’s Stop? You can spend an entire day with her at the mall of her choice, browsing through stores and buying stuff for her. You get to kill two birds with one stone – you get back into her good graces AND you get to spend quality time with her!

All The Jewelry She Wants

You simply cannot go wrong with jewelry. You certainly could go wrong if you were to select something for her that she may not like, but by giving her a gift card from Tanishq, Asmi or Gitanjali, you’re the man of the day. Which woman can turn away from a beautiful piece of jewelry, especially when someone it is gifting it to her?

A Classy Handbag Should do the trick

Here’s another amazing gifting alternative – get a Hidesign gift card from Woohoo.in and then help her pick a few bags. Yes bags, not just one. After all, we’re talking about hand bags – a woman’s second best friend after jewelry!