New year gift ideas for your loved ones

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards, new year gifts, new year gift ideasAs we near the end of a year and prepare to welcome the new year – a year full of hope, excitement and all the good things life can bring us – our hearts yearn to express gratitude to those special people who make our lives worth living. With a plethora of options to select from, what do you choose to gift your loved ones to thank them for having stood by you in the year that was and to usher in the new year? Here are a few new year gift ideas that might help you in making your gifts more meaningful.

This year, take the gifting experience a notch higher. With every aspect of our lives moving at lightning speed with the updates in technology, shouldn’t our gifting experiences too? Instead of tiring yourself walking the aisles of department stores, you now have the power of gifting fabulous products and experiences right from the comfort of your home. From apparel to jewellery, books and electronics, fine dining, movie and spa experiences, online gift-cards stores like have the perfect new year gift ideas for all. By sending a gift card, you are also giving your loved ones the power of choice – a choice to select the gift as per his own taste and convenience.

Your loved ones will not just appreciate the fact that they could choose from a wide range of products and experiences across brands like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Amazon, Croma, PVR, Four Fountains Spa, Mainland China and the like, they will also thank you for your thoughtfulness as they take advantage of the numerous year-end sales and offers that are running across various stores.

Besides the range of gifts, endless choice for the recipients and exciting offers, think of the personalization you can bring to your gifts. A gift-wrapped gift card or ornate gift voucher from India’s most favorite brands, with a personalized message, will surely be an instant hit among your loved ones. And if you’d like to make it more personal, you could choose to send an e-gift card via the Woohoo app. Selfies, images from your gallery, voice notes and text messages – all of this beautifully wrapped up in an electronic gift card delivered instantly on their mobiles. The sentiments contained in the gift will always be a click away on their phones, while the monetary aspect can be used by them to treat themselves to a great start to the new year. What better way to light up your loved ones’ lives and show them how much they mean to you this new year? If you liked these ideas, you can start your new year gifting right away!

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Gift you can never go wrong with. Have you gifted yet?

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards

Gifting – one of the most rewarding experiences when the gift-giver and the recipient’s choices are in sync. But how often does that “sync” really happen? We’ve all been through instances when we’ve spent countless days looking up the net or visiting every possible store just to find a gift that would suit the taste of the recipient, only to fail miserably or to realize it was something he already possessed. We’ve also been on the other side of the fence, when we received a gift we valued only because of the sentiments behind it, though it still lies around somewhere in the house gathering dust because it never really did serve its purpose, nor could you bring yourself to send it to the “recycle” pile.

Definitely not the situation we’d want to be in again? Here’s where Woohoo App comes in. With all its personalized gifting features and the power of choice and flexibility it offers, it sure is a gift you can never go wrong with!

 What makes Woohoo the best gift?

Instant gifting

The whole process of gift selection, getting it packed, sending it via post and ensuring it reaches the recipient on time can be daunting. The Woohoo App simplifies this. Just a few clicks and the perfect gift is delivered instantly on your loved one’s mobile, via SMS, WhatsApp or email.


The Woohoo app offers features that ensure your e gift voucher conveys the warmth and love behind your gesture of gifting. You could choose to send a selfie, an image from your gallery or one of the app templates, a voice note and a text message to your loved ones. All of this beautifully wrapped into a virtual package delivered instantly on their mobiles.

Freedom of choice to recipient

Don’t we all love and appreciate the feeling that comes with the words “go ahead and pick whatever you want. It’s on me!” The Woohoo app enables you to gift this very feeling. The recipient of your gift can purchase anything of his choice from a host of online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip. He could also shop from brick-and-mortar stores of brands like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Levi’s, Croma. It doesn’t end here. If your loved one decides to spend some time relaxing and de-stressing at a spa or salon, he could choose to use to redeem your e gift voucher at any of the top spas and salons, such as, the Four Fountains Spa or Lakme Salon. A foodie’s in for a treat at any of the restaurants like Copper Chimney, Noodle Bar, Rajdhani or Spaghetti Kitchen.

100+ brands

The brands mentioned above are just a few of the many that are available on the app. The Woohoo App empowers you to provide your loved ones with a wide range of choices from the 10000+ merchant stores of these brands across the country. With Woohoo App he can not only shop online, but also shop at physical stores at his own convenience. All he has to do is just key in the amount to be paid and generate the code to pay for any merchandise or service of his choice.

Why limit, when you can gift so much more? So go ahead, let the gifting begin!

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Birthday gift ideas for your roommate on his birthday

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards

He’s your Friday night beer-buddy, and he’s the one who does your laundry when you forget it. You burn the rotis and he makes the daal too thin, but he’s the one you cook with. He’s the one who tells your mom on the phone that you’re busy at work when you don’t want to be disturbed. There’s so much you do with your roommate – so how do you plan to make his birthday special for him this year?

Gift him a gift card

You know your roommate best – his little hobbies, his likes, dislikes and the things he collects. So what’s he into? Music? Mobile phones? Stylish and funky watches, sunglasses, and belts? Perhaps less funky, but classic and stylish watches? Sportswear, sports shoes and sports equipment? Evaluate his latest passion and buy him a gift card from the right brand.

For those stylish watches and sunglasses, Fastrack is your best bet. For the latest mobiles and smartphones, you could get him a gift card from Croma, E-zone or The Mobile Store. If he’s more of the elegant, gentlemanly type who likes classic, stylish watches, think in terms of Helios and Titan. If he’s a sports freak, you cannot do better than Puma, or Nike gift cards.

If you want to make his birthday gift more personal, you can gift him instant e-gift vouchers with the Woohoo app – to which you could add your selfies, pictures of the fun times you’ve had together, a voice note and text.

Basically, all you need to know is what he likes. Buying the right card takes only seconds!




What to gift my team member on his birthday?

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cardsIf you’re managing a team of people, you know team work is crucial for the success of any project. You value each member of your team; you share meals with them, watch cricket with them during breaks, enjoy your evening cup of coffee with them and celebrate their birthdays with them too! You know it, we know it and your team members know it– they are important to you.

What Would You Do For A Family Member’s Birthday?: Most people spend a minimum of 8 hours at work, and a maximum of anything up to 24 hours on occasion. Your team is your extended family, and there’s no two ways about it. So what would you do if it’s your brother or father’s birthday? Wouldn’t you get him something really nice? Yes, you would. That’s what families do.

Birthday Gift Cards Make The Best ‘No Headache’ Gifts: Think about it – if you have a team of 10 people, how much time would you be spending shopping for gifts? Imagine the time you would need to buy gifts for all your teammates. With gift cards and gift vouchers, you only save yourself the time and energy but also gift your team mates the ability to select what they want from over 100 top retail brands – all this from the comfort of your desk. With, the gift cards superstore, all your gifting needs are met with just a few clicks.

Which Gift Cards Would Suit Your Team Member Best?: You’ve worked with him, you know him best. Is he a sharp dresser? Then consider gift cards from P N Rao, Marks & Spencer, Van Heusen, Shopper Stop and so on. Is he crazy about tech? How about a gift card from Croma, The Mobile Store or E-Zone? Loves watches? Think of Titan, Helios and more. You have plenty to choose from.

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Best birthday gift ideas for your roommate on her birthday

Gift, gifting, e gift voucher, Woohoo app, gift cards, gift vouchers, e gift cards

You leave your family and friends to go away to study or work in a different city. The only person who remains close to you is your roommate. She’s the one who sees you through ups and downs at college or at work. She’s the one who runs to get your prescription when you’re sick. She’s the one who holds your hand when you’ve had a bad break up. Over time she becomes your best friend, and then your soul sister. When her birthday comes around, it’s your chance to say thank you for being there for you, and here’s how you do it.

Explore the world of gift cards

If you’ve lived with your roommate for a while, you’d probably know her likes and dislikes well. Maybe, she’s even hinted at exactly what she’d like for her birthday. Shopping for her birthday gift personally will be satisfying for you, but there’s no guarantee that she’ll like definitely like what you choose, right? Why not consider gifting her a gift card instead. That way she gets to choose what she would like to spend it on. If you are confident of the brand she would prefer, you could gift her a gift card from that particular brand, be it Amazon, Flipkart, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle or others. Or better still, you could gift her a Woohoo gift card which is an umbrella gift card which she could swap for a gift card from any brand of her choice.

You could also make it more special for her by accompanying her on her shopping spree with the gift card you gift her. Won’t that add to her list of creating memories with you? There’s so much fun you can both have from just one tiny move on your part – buying a gift card instead of a gift!

Gift her an experience offers gift cards are not only limited to products but also extends to cover a whole lot of experiences. For instance, you could gift her an exquisite dining experience with gift cards from restaurants like Copper Chimney, Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Sigree and the like; or a movie experience at PVR; or a relaxing spa experience at Four Fountains Spa to pamper herself on her special day.

If you want to make her birthday gift more personal, you can gift her instant e-gift vouchers with the Woohoo app – to which you could add your selfies, pictures of the fun times you’ve had together, a voice note and text.

You know she’ll thank you for this – the best birthday gift she would’ve received!

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Can’t decide what to gift your loved one? This startup has an answer

As appeared in on 29 August 2015, by Nikita Peer.


Last diwali Ritwik Sharma’s employer gifted him a dinner set. Expensive cutlery. A nice gesture, but it’s the seventh dinner set he owns, so it’s destined to wind up in his storeroom. Shreya Momaya dreads weddings- not because she can’t decide what to wear, but because she suffers from “can’t decide what to gift” syndrome.

Bangalore-based Qwikcilver launched Woohoo, a gift card store aimed at solving this problem. Woohoo has partnered with brands from 400 cities to give the gift receiver a choice of buying from categories like kitchenware, apparel, and jewellery. The cards can also be redeemed for experiences like a trip to the movies, dining out, visiting a spa, or travel.

“Gift cards have emerged as the preferred gifting option for trendy and tech-savvy early adopters seeking novelty. Woohoo embodies all the joy, fresh vibrancy, and positive imagery needed for any gifting occasion,” says Qwikcilver co-founder Pratap TP.

Woohoo’s gift cards can be delivered to loved ones via SMS, email, or Whatsapp as well as physically.

The startup has partnered with 150 online and offline brands including Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Titan, Madura garments, Croma, Pizza Hut, Makemytrip, Flipkart, and Amazon. Woohoo says it will add 1,000 new brands in the next year. The goal is to offer enough variety that anyone can find something they want.

The gift cards can also be decorated using a variety of colourful templates and personalization options of photos, stickers, or messages to add a special tinge. There are occasions-based themes like birthdays and anniversaries or festival occasions like Diwali and Christmas.

The startup recently acquired Sourcen, a mobile technology developer. The deal was actually an acqui-hire of sorts that added a team of dozen mobile app developers who were instrumental in launching Woohoo.

Unexplored territory

Qwikcilver, a six-year-old startup, was founded by Pratap TP and Kumar Sudarshan, engineers from India’s premier institutes BITS-Pilani. Back then, gift cards as a consumer-driven business was non-existent in India. Qwikcilver initially focused on developing tech tools for providing stored-value-card solutions and gift cards to retail brands. With a flexible SaaS platform, the startup manages the entire gift card program for retailers including design, storage, and transactions pertaining to it.

“The biggest challenge was driving adoption at multiple levels – enterprise level, business unit level, cross functional level, and ultimately by the consumer,” says Pratap. “The excitement for a startup is only triggered by the complexity of the game on hand. The pavement pounding over the years and the confidence reposed in our platform and by our customers through the years has driven our mission,” he adds.

Qwikcilver is the first startup in India that’s backed by Amazon. Last year, the startup secured US$10 million in a funding round from Amazon and existing investors Helion Venture Partners and Accel Partners.

Qwikcilver claims it is the only player in the global arena that operates in an integrated manner – across offline and online brands, retailers, and corporates. The startup addresses a market that is handled by multiple players internationally – Ceridian SVS for physical card processing, Cashstar for digital card processing, Blackhawk and Incomm for distribution are some of the players in the international segments.

“We are doing what VISA and MasterCard have done for the credit card industry,” says Pratap.

Qwikcilver processes 50 million transactions across physical cards, digital cards, and mobile based engagements annually in India. It claims the annual gross value of these cards is INR10 billion (US$151 million).

Some of its clients include Arvind retail, Madura Garments, Flipkart, Cleartrip, and Amazon. The startup plans to add 100 international brands mainly from Middle East and Asia Pacific.

“Woohoo would be an anchor to drive additional sales and footfalls for our strategic partner stores with an app based shopping experience,” says Pratap.

The market size of the gifting industry is US$30 billion in India. “Digital gift cards are the fastest growing mode of gifting,” says Pratap who claims to have captured a 90 percent market share.

In India, gifting has been given a center-stage during festivals and marriages. Since gift purchases take place within two days of the event, instant gifting options are poised to grow.


Qwikcilver launches Gift card Superstore –

As appeared in on 5 August 2015, by Dipti Gore.


Qwikcilver Solutions, India’s pioneering Gift Card Company has announced the launch of, India’s First Fully Integrated Mobile Responsive Online Gifting superstore. The platform aims to be a one stop destination for consumers for personal and occasion based gifting, and will allow them to choose from a wide array of gift card brands. The newly launched platform is mobile responsive, and enables consumers to transact from any mobile device, and gift on-the-go.

Through, customers can send and receive gifts across more than 400 cities with the choice of 150+ trusted brands  – be it offline or online, while also enabling the gift recipients to have the freedom to choose their own product and brand seamlessly. The platform gives consumers choices of gifting options not only in terms of brands but also allow them to choose from 20+categories including apparel, jewellery, home needs and so on. One can even gift experiences such as an entertaining day at cinema, exquisite fine dining, a relaxing spa or fun filled travel escapades. has partnered with leading retail chains and brands including Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Tata – Trent, Titan, Madura garments, Croma, Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, Makemytrip, Cleartrip, Thomas Cook, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, PVR Cinemas and many more.

Commenting on the launch, Pratap T.P. Co-founder and CMO, Qwikcilver said, ‘Gift cards have emerged as the preferred gifting option by trendy and tech-savvy early adopters seeking novelty. The Woohoo brand embodies all the joy, fresh vibrancy and positive imagery needed for any Gifting occasion. showcases and epitomizes the Indian consumers Gifting aspirations and needs today with this novel online destination.”

He further added, “The platform offers a unique Mobile gifting experience with a wide range of gifting options, instant Gifting delivery and multiple modes of gratification., the ecommerce site for Gift cards will seamlessly migrate into The consumer base of would be redirected to our new site. is looking at adding 1000+ new brands across categories in the next one year. provides consumers quick access to gift cards of reputable brands, both plastic and e-cards. The extensive personalization feature allows consumers to customize their gifts for various personal occasions ranging from Birthdays, Anniversaries; and festival occasions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and many more, making the whole process of selecting and buying a gift much simpler. The gift cards can be redeemed at the online and offline stores and also used to shop at thousands of new places using the Woohoo mobile app.

Gift cards are a 3000 crore industry in India. Qwikcilver has established and reinforced the Prepaid & Gift Card Qwikcilver Network in Indian retail – with close to 90% share of the customer engagements across 100+ power brands in 20 consumption categories. The Qwikcilver Network has grown by 300% year-on-year for the last 4 years and currently processes over 50 million transactions across physical cards, digital cards and Mobile based engagements across card transactions annually in 300+ towns & cities.

Qwikcilver recently launched one-of-its-kind innovation in retail, Woohoo App that aggregates multiple payment options in a single platform, for consumers to transact at various retail outlets – offline and online. Consumers can use Woohoo as the single Mobile App for their transactions, be it buying in retail, having a meal in a restaurant, or buying a ticket online.

Qwikcilver Solutions, is a single-stop provider for all kinds of stored value card based solutions for Retailers, service providers and corporates (to power convenience and operational efficiency programs like Campus Cards, Incentives and Benefits Card).Qwikcilver is well poised to enable its customers derive the maximum benefit out of the card programs.

Qwikcilver’s mission is to play a transformational role in driving footfalls and transactions across offline & online segments with innovative technology powered solutions. Qwikcilver has pioneered and established significant leadership of the Prepaid & Gift Card category in India. Through Woohoo, Qwikcilver is targeting the end consumer by giving them maximum benefit out of available currency options.


Amazon-backed QwikCilver merges GiftBig with newly launched online gift store for mobile first play

As appeared in on 4 August 2015, by Binu Paul.

—————————————————————————————————-, run by Bangalore-based QwikCilver Solutions Pvt Ltd, has been re-branded to, as it seeks to morph into a mobile-first online gifting superstore for consumers.

“The (new) platform offers a mobile gifting experience with a wide range of gifting options, instant gifting delivery and multiple modes of gratification., the e-commerce site for gift cards will seamlessly migrate into The consumer base of would be redirected to our new site,” said Pratap TP, co-founder and CMO of QwikCilver.

The company will continue to provide the back-end technology for B2B transactions related to plastic gift cards, loyalty cards, code programmes and social media gifting of various brands, said Pratap. Moreover, the desktop version of will also lend itself to gifting transactions.

Pratap further stated that Woohoo is looking to add more than 1,000 new brands across categories in the next one year. provides consumers with gift cards of reputable brands that can be redeemed at online and offline stores. These can also be used to shop on Woohoo mobile app, which was launched in May this year to enable aggregation of payment options and to pay retail outlets through mobile. The app allows retailers to accept multiple currencies. Similarly, it would allow currency partners like Oxigen wallet and loyalty rewards programme points under Payback to be accepted across thousands of retailers.

Qwikcilver was founded in 2008 by the duo of Pratap and Kumar Sudarshan. It works on a Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS), enabling customers to launch the stored value card program with minimal upfront investment and provides suite of services to create, deploy and manage the programme.

Last year, the company had raised $10 million in a funding round led by e-commerce giant Amazon. The firm’s existing investors Helion Venture Partners and Accel Partners also participated in the round.

The company claims that the Qwikcilver network has grown by 300 per cent year-on-year in the last four years and that it currently processes over 50 million transactions across physical cards, digital cards and mobile-based engagements.

At present the gift-card market in India is estimated at $500 million (over Rs 3,000 crore) and projected to treble over the next two years.

Recently, Mumbai-based GCI Network Pvt Ltd, the company behind the online gifting platform GiftCardsIndia, had raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Blume Ventures and Google India head Rajan Anandan in December last year. It also acquired social gifting venture Giftery for an undisclosed amount.


QwikCilver riding on rising demand for gift cards

As appeared in on 1 June 2015, by Sangeetha Chengappa.


The Indian gift card market is expected to receive fresh funding of up to $50 million which will enable key players such as Amazon-backed QwikCilver Solutions to ride the next wave of growth in digital cards.

Increasing consumer adoption of gift cards over the last two years, especially digital gift cards over physical cards, has seen QwikCilver’s sales growing 300 per cent year-on-year. The ₹3,000-crore Indian gift market card is expected to touch ₹9,000 crore by FY-2018.

TP Pratap, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, QwikCilver Solutions Pvt Ltd, told BusinessLinethat currently, 5 million gift cards worth ₹1,000 crore are in circulation activated by the 100 brands the company has partnered with across 20 different consumption categories, spanning departmental stores, food & beverages, e-commerce, retail fashion chains, PVR entertainment, among others.

“The fresh infusion of funds by our partner brands will take us to the next level of growth, where we are aiming for ₹3,000 crore in sales by March, enabled by QwikCilver gift cards,” Pratap said.

Founded in 2008 by Kumar Sudarsan, TP Pratap and Bhaskar Vasudevan, the start-up raised $10 million in Series C funding in December, led by Amazon Asia Pacific with participation from its existing investors, Helion Venture Partners and Accel Partners.

The start-up recently acquired Sourcen, a mobile technology start-up, for its team of 12 who specialise in mobile app development. While the acquisition did not involve a cash payout, stock options have been given to some of the key members of the Sourcen team.

“We were working with Sourcen over the last six months on developing Woohoo, a mobile app we launched last month that aggregates multiple payments options for consumers to transact at various retail outlets. We decided to acquire Sourcen and will ramp up the team by hiring mobile developers who will help integrate multiple currencies such as MobiKwik, Paytm, Vodafone and airline currencies to our platform” said Pratap. To support its growth, the company has made a spate of high profile hires over the last 12 months. QwikCilver hired Sanjay Tambwekar as its CTO, from NetApp; Saurabh Sharma to head product management, from Google; Anu Mathew to head Human Resources, from HCL Infosystems; Mahesh Bhalla to head Sales, from Dell and Gyaneshwaran to head Operations from IBM. The headcount has grown from 100 people, eight months ago to 250 people today.

On hiring-spree

“We are in the process of doubling our headcount over the next 12 months and are ramping up our core technology team of 25 to 75 over the next three months,” said Pratap.

QwikCilver also has its own website, (now that sells gift cards usable on any of the 100 brands that it has partnered with.